• Obesity, Corn, GMOs

    If you're trying to stay trim, research shows you should avoid eating genetically engineered corn. Check out the new study that's tipping the scales.
  • Nourishing Intimacy And Desire, Part 2

    Just like there are many foods that can boost desire, there are activities and principles that can help two people move toward one another with passion and curiosity, even after years of being together.
  • Alternative Treatment for Staph Infections: Antimicrobial Silver Therapy

    Bacteria like Staph have become resistant to antibiotics. Recent studies support the use of silver to treat these infections.
  • 4 Toxic Things Moms and Dads Use Everyday

    Get the science and info behind the 4 toxic things that families use or touch everyday - Neosporin, hand sanitizer, cash receipts, and shoes.
  • Diet ~ An Overlooked Treatment For Cancer

    One Chemotherapy pill can cost $400. How much does a bowl of broccoli cost? HoneyColony looks at why diet takes such a backseat in conventional cancer treatment programs, in spite of all the evidence.

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