• Apr 13 2014

    5 Things the FDA’s Proposed Label Changes Got Right

    The calories-in-calories-out myth has become woefully outdated. Calories do count, but where they come from matters far more.
  • Apr 08 2014

    Why Do We Overeat, And How Can We Stop?

    Why do Americans eat so much more now compared to in previous decades?
  • Mar 25 2014

    The 5 Big Weight Loss Rules That Make You Fat

    As a nutrition and fitness expert, myth busting has become a major part of my job. We’ve been fed misinformation and outright lies about our health,..
  • Mar 17 2014

    10 Tips To Total Healing

    Using mind/body techniques I believe we can enhance our healing but we can’t forget the basics. Here are some 10 surefire tips to help you experienc..
  • Mar 14 2014

    How To Get Natural Fat Loss And Fast Metabolism?

    Even though you’ve been eating clean, lean protein at every meal and working out twice a week with that hot new trainer, not getting eight hours of ..
  • Mar 12 2014

    I Lost 50 Pounds By Cleaning Up My Diet

    Over nine months, I was able to drop 50 pounds with little exercise. Cleaning up my diet was a really spiritual experience, and it empowered me and re..
  • Mar 06 2014

    How I Got Out Of Hip Pain

    From this physical challenge, I refined my resiliency, strength, and character. I gained a new appreciation for being able-bodied; I am grateful for t..
  • Mar 05 2014

    5 Exercises to Avoid

    If you’re doing these five common exercises, you could be wasting your workout time and causing far more harm than good.
  • Feb 11 2014

    Welcome Saturated Fat Back

    Butter…cream…coconut… Wouldn’t you love to start eating these “forbidden” foods again, and even get off the dieting merry-go-round once an..
  • Feb 05 2014

    My Month Of (Fad) Diets

    "The month’s almost over and I’m becoming increasingly desperate. The extra two pounds sit on my bloated belly like an overstuffed burger sits on ..
  • Jan 10 2014

    How Zero-Calorie Sodas Add Up Around Your Waistline

    A recent study shows people who drink diet soda actually have a greater chance of becoming overweight than regular soda drinkers!
  • Jan 08 2014

    4 Ways To Succeed With Your New Year’s Resolutions

    Less than 10% of Americans will keep their New Year's resolutions for even the first week! Why do we give up so quickly, and what can we do to stay on..

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