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  • Apr 05 2014

    5 Reasons To Use Patchouli

    Patchouli originated from the tropical regions of Asia and is versatile in its uses. Here's a look at the top five.
  • Mar 18 2014

    Pesticides, Wine And Sperm Die-Off

    A new study raises concerns about the correlation between a declining sperm count among French men and their consumption of their homeland's national ..
  • Mar 13 2014

    When Sex Goes Toxic

    Most of us care deeply about the food we eat and the lotions, creams, ointments and beauty products that come in contact with our skin daily. Yet scan..
  • Feb 27 2014

    7 Foods That Will Make You Feel Sexier

    Modern research has identified many common foods and spices, containing antioxidants, neurotransmitters, and phytonutrients that trigger powerful mind..
  • Feb 19 2014

    Substantial Chocolate: Raw, Wild & Healthy

    Lovingly cultivated organic ingredients and creative recipes that range from simple to intricate have established the one-of-a-kind raw organic confec..
  • Feb 14 2014

    Organic Lotion For Lubrication And Love

    Conventional lubricants feature toxic ingredients like parabens, petrochemicals, and even propylene glycol—a common ingredient in brake fluid!
  • Feb 12 2014

    8 Health Benefits of Kissing

    Kissing isn’t only good for your relationship; it’s good for your body too, on a very foundational level.
  • Jan 08 2014

    Healthy Men Stay Horny And Live Longer

    Men in good shape have better sex more often—no matter how old they are. Better yet, new numbers also show a healthier sex drive could add years to ..
  • Dec 23 2013

    Surthrival Pine Pollen For Sexual Vitality

    Move over, Viagra! Pine pollen is said to increase male fertility, aid the prostate, improve muscle tone, and so much more. Is it too good to be true?..
  • Dec 21 2013

    Awaken To The Fruit Of The Gods

    Most chocolate is not real. Instead it's filled with sugar, gmos and dairy. These sweet delights are organic, raw and filled with superfoods. Discover..
  • Dec 14 2013

    HoneyColony’s Sweet Holiday Gift Packages

    Just in time for the holidays, HoneyColony has created three exotic gift packages to tingle your senses, light up your holidays, and stoke your desire..
  • Sep 14 2013

    Nourishing Intimacy And Desire, Part 2
    Rediscovering Passion In Your Relationship

    Just like there are many foods that can boost desire, there are activities and principles that can help two people move toward one another with passio..

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