• Aug 19 2014

    What is Organic Material? Why Should You Eat Peat Humus?

    What is organic material and why is it good for us? Organic material, like peat humus, packaged as humic acid is very effective for eliminating heavy ..
  • Aug 16 2014

    Dig Deep: What is Fulvic Acid?

    Getting enough fulvic acid is key to having a healthy body, but what is fulvic acid exactly? HoneyColony contributor Brett Barth explains.
  • Aug 13 2014

    Eat Dirt! 8 Benefits of Humic Acid

    Did you know that the organic material found in soil is beneficial to your health? Humic substances that occur naturally in peat humus, brown coals, l..
  • Aug 08 2014

    Aug. 8 Is National Zucchini Day!

    Did you know today is National Zucchini Day? A delicious and nutritious summertime staple, zucchini is one of America's favorite veggies. Check out th..
  • Proven Bee Panacea Benefits

    Is bee panacea just another trendy celebrity diet food, or are there real bee panacea benefits even medical professionals and professional athletes ca..
  • Aug 03 2014

    Is A Vegan Diet Healthier?

    Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson recently announced plans to adopt a vegan diet, joining Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Ellen DeGeneres, and Jared Leto. So ..
  • Garden Benefits: How To Build A Raised Bed

    Learn how to build a raised-bed garden filled with vegetables, fruits, and herbs, bringing the garden benefits of freshly picked produce right outside..
  • Jul 29 2014

    The Truth About Acai Extract, Oil And Other Products

    The story goes that this fruit saved a tribe from extinction. It has a powerful nutritional profile. But some claims about it are outrageously bogus....
  • Acai Smoothie With Strawberry And Blueberry

    This acai smoothie with strawberry and blueberry is easy to make, delicious, and packed with nutrition. Get the perfect key ingredients here at HoneyC..
  • Top 5 Affordable Superfoods: Vinegar To Acai Berry Juice

    Our top 5 affordable superfoods will fit into even the tightest budget. With these five items at your disposal, you can enjoy the benefits of superfoo..
  • Jul 27 2014

    Acai Berry Smoothie Recipe: Super Acai Antioxidant Blast

    An acai berry smoothie that's packed full of flavor and nutrition. Acai, plus blueberry and pomegranate, truly make this a super acai antioxidant blas..
  • Acai Berry Benefits: Fact vs. Fiction

    There are many acai berry benefits. Case in point, Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, claims she keeps her svelte figure with the help of this exotic A..

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