Reality Check

  • Aug 21 2014

    Humic & Fulvic Acid Benefits: What’s the Difference?

    Humic and fulvic acid benefits are respectively numerous. But do you know the differences between the two? Find out here on HoneyColony.
  • Aug 20 2014

    Egg Carton Labels: What Does It All Mean?!

    From "cage-free" to "free-range," "vegetarian-fed" to "organic," egg carton labels can get confusing. We're clearing things up today on HoneyColony.
  • Aug 16 2014

    Dig Deep: What is Fulvic Acid?

    Getting enough fulvic acid is key to having a healthy body, but what is fulvic acid exactly? HoneyColony contributor Brett Barth explains.
  • Aug 11 2014

    News Today About British Bees

    You’ve probably heard that our British bees are in trouble. Populations of these iconic species are declining at an alarming rate. Wherever you are ..
  • Aug 08 2014

    Proven Bee Panacea Benefits

    Is bee panacea just another trendy celebrity diet food, or are there real bee panacea benefits even medical professionals and professional athletes ca..
  • Aug 03 2014

    Garden Benefits: How To Build A Raised Bed

    Learn how to build a raised-bed garden filled with vegetables, fruits, and herbs, bringing the garden benefits of freshly picked produce right outside..
  • Jul 29 2014

    The Truth About Acai Extract, Oil And Other Products

    The story goes that this fruit saved a tribe from extinction. It has a powerful nutritional profile. But some claims about it are outrageously bogus....
  • Jul 23 2014

    Sun Exposure And Skin Cancer Risks

    People enjoy the sun. Some have even worshiped it. Sunlight is essential to many living things. But sunlight also has a dangerous side, causing skin c..
  • Jul 09 2014

    Enjoy Sunshine And Stay Free Of Free Radicals

    Avoid skin cancer-causing free radicals now! Learn how many sunscreens can often work against you, not for you—and find out what you can do about it..
  • Jun 29 2014

    Antiperspirant Cancer Risks: Fact Vs. Fiction

    Antiperspirant cancer risks have become a major concern, receiving regular coverage in the media and being the focus of an increasing number of peer-r..
  • Jun 26 2014

    The Difference Between Deodorant And Antiperspirant

    What if we told you that advertising convinced society that we need to apply pit stick to fit in and be loved. Today mainstream brands are selling und..
  • White House Launches Plan To Save The Bees

    President Obama issued a memorandum this week, announcing the creation of a federal strategy to promote the health of all pollinators. But does the p..

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