What are BeeBucks?

BeeBucks are like honey-coated coins that reward meaningful social activity that helps determine which products and articles offer the most value to our members. You can earn BeeBucks by sharing, reviewing and rating items across HoneyColony, and by introducing a new member to our site. Members who consistently earn high BeeBucks also get freebies, testers, and other exclusive benefits.

How do I refer family and friends?

Good question. Anytime you share your referral link and someone clicks it, signs up for an account and makes a purchase, you receive 500 BeeBucks. You can refer your family and friends and earn your BeeBucks by following these three steps:

  1. Visit your my account page
  2. Directly above the ‘Generated Referral List’ section, click the Generate Referral Link button
  3. Now under the ‘Generated Referral List’, you will see your new referral link. Copy the referral link and share it wherever you wish, or share it via the social media buttons to the right of the link. Your referral link should look like the following:
Referral Link Example

How do I share products socially to earn BeeBucks?

To earn BeeBucks from social media shares, start by visiting a product page. Directly beneath the product name (to the right of the product image), you will see social sharing buttons (including Facebook, Twitter and Google+). Hover over a social media button to see how many possible points you can earn from sharing on that specific social media site. Click the button to share the product. Social media buttons will look like the following:
How to share via social media links
Once the social media popup opens, make sure you “publish” your post to complete the sharing process.

Why can’t I sign in using my Facebook account information?

The Facebook button on the “Log In” page can only be used once you have created an account with HoneyColony. Once you have a profile on our site, you will be able to log in using your Facebook username and password.

How do I redeem my BeeBucks?

Your BeeBucks can easily be redeemed. Once you get to the checkout page, there will be an option (near the bottom of the page) to use your BeeBucks, rather than a credit card or PayPal account. It should resemble the image below.

Redeeming BeeBucks


Do you ship products to other countries?

Yes we do!

Return Policy:

100% Money Back Guarantee! We guarantee our products to give 100% satisfaction in every way. If you are ever not satisfied with a product and you have not used it, you may return it to HoneyColony, for a full refund. There is a 10% restocking fee.


I am trying to use my coupon and get free shipping. What is going on? 

We are a boutique company and not Amazon so we are unable to give you both a heavy discount and free shipping. It’s either or.

How can I get in touch with HoneyColony?

Our hivequarters are in Los Angeles. Please feel free to send any questions, comments or concerns to feedback@honeycolony.com. In a state of emergency you can call 800.344.1304. We will get back to you as soon as possible!