Tractor spraying pesticides on apple plantation in France. Greenpeace conducted a documentation at multiple apple plantation locations in France, in the orchards and in some pesticides rooms where farmers store the products. Greenpeace aims to show the intense use of chemical pesticides in apple production despite its negative impacts on both the human health and the environment.
June 16, 2015

Greenpeace Study Reveals Pesticide Cocktails In Apple Production

A cocktail of pesticides used in industrial apple production is contaminating the soil and surface water in Europe, with up to 13 different types of chemicals detected in one sample. The Bitter Taste of Europe’s Apple Production and how Ecological Solutions can Bloom, released by Greenpeace, includes testing results of 85 samples

May 21, 2015

Food Culture, Critical Consumption, And Nutrition in Rome Italy

As an activist and independent content provider, I am embarking on a once in a lifetime training in the food culture field. Join me as I share my findings with you and spread the buzz about bees in Italia.

April 24, 2015

Resistance And The Quest For New Antibiotics

With stricter policies and better ways to fund and stimulate the research needed to discover new candidate antibiotics, our current reality may change. If not the consequences will be dire.