Gnosis Raw Chocolate: Zero G Bar

96% Raw Cacao & Stevia Sweetened


Gnosis Raw Chocolate: Zero G Bar. Cutting back on your sugar intake? This is a chocolate bar for you! And Zero G is your blood sugar’s good friend; all Gnosis chocolate is low-glycemic – sweetened with Agave Nectar or Coconut Palm Sugar – but Zero G is ZERO calorie and zero glycemic index sweetened. The sweetener used here is your friend: it’s organic stevia, and has none of the chemicals that compromise popular sugar substitutes. Note: this bar is very bittersweet as it is 96% cacao. If you don’t enjoy the flavor of stevia, you will likely not love this bar.

Ingredients: Ingredients: Raw Cacao Beans*, Cinnamon*, Fenugreek*, Gymnema Sylvestre*, Bilberry*, Nopal Cactus, Stevia*, Love. *organic

  • Regular Price: $6.99
  • Size: 1.8 oz.

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