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"Bee the change you want to see in the world!"

Display Name: Maryam Henein, Member
First Name: Maryam
Last Name: Henein
Profession: HoneyColony Founder,Journalist, Eco-preneur,
Twitter Name: @MaryamHenein
Web Site:
Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States


Maryam Henein is the founder of HoneyColony, an investigative journalist and the director of the award-winning documentary Vanishing of the Bees, narrated by Ellen Page. She is dedicated to empowering folks to be their own best health advocate. She keeps bees, loves super foods and stays away from wheat, gluten and dairy.



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Beeswax Aromatherapy Pillars: Sweet Orange + Clove Bud


I love all these candles. The scents are intoxicating and fill up my space.

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Vibrant Health Cran-Max


I used to get urinary tract infections on a regular occasion. I blasted my system with probiotics. I also started taking cran-max and UTI Vibrance preventatively. If i have intercourse, I take this right after and drink lots of water. I haven't had a UTI in more than a year!

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Save The Bees Organic T-Shirt: 'Bee The Change'


The sizes run true. The picture here shows the neck line.

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Breeding The Nutrition Out Of Our Food


Hi @Castalian. We haven't been able to finish our platform yet so i am sorry i cannot tag you. This is how my grandmother made them. Luckily, we picked them wild from our garden. It was organic - the way God intended. She rinsed them and the sauteed them in a pan lightly with olive oil. I suggest squeezing lemon and then buying some of these Sea Salts Of Hawaii “Kona” Don't cook too much. try steaming too.

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TOP_Syntol AMD

Syntol AMD: Advanced Microflora Delivery


Once you jump down that rabbit hole to health, there is no turning back. You may be taking a probiotic with mad amount of strains but if it's not properly coated the acid in your body will eat it up before it gets a chance to get to your gut! I suffer from an auto-immune condition and was also a victim of reoccurring urinary tract infections that forced me to take too many anti-biotics. I had to rebuild the good bacteria but other probiotics didn't do the trick. I can always tell if a probiotic is working if i poop more often (two to three X a day!). This capsule is acid-resistant made up of dense vegetable cellulose. And the enteric coding is safe. It's non-gmo and vegan. It is also a prebiotic and an enzyme yeast cleans so it helps with digestion, fungal levels, nutrient absorption. This product rocks.

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Avoiding This 'Forbidden Food' Can Make You Moody


Parlorgirl, yes you are right. This is conflicting information. We need to do a little bit more thorough research. But at the same time that is where collective wisdom comes in. If any other hive members have something to share please do. For now, I am using a salt from our site which tastes delicious and I know its source.

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Male Masturbating Motorists


Wow SacJac. I dont know if you are real. But a spiritual seeking beekeeper who masturbates. Wow. Thanks for appreciating my work and I really hope you haven't freaked out too many women. I know that catching men masturbate at an early age freaked me out a little bit. I wonder if this stands in your ability to have intimate relationships. I wouldn't want my partner driving the streets jerking off.

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Saving Bees One Tree At A Time


Thanks for reading my story @Heathen96. It was quite a despicable act. Making money off of Colony Collapse Disorder.

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11 Health Foods That Can Kill You


Hi @Castalian - there is actually 20 % of population that is okay with gluten. But don't be led to believe Gluten is GOOD for you. THere's nothing good about it. I highly recommend you read a book called Wheat Belly. Everything in moderation. The article just says that overdoing it on gluten free items will also spike your blood sugar.

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10 Shocking Things About Sunscreen


@RockinRissa. thanks for sharing RockinRissa. We're still working on our interactivity on the site. So we will have tagging soon. I wonder what makes one allergic to the sun. I have markers for Lups and apparently Lupus sufferes develop sun sensitivity. But i don't. And i dont really wear sun screen except to cover my tattoos. But i do have brown skin.

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The Power Of Squatting


Hi @SpunkySue, glad you enjoyed my piece!

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The Food Pyramid Rebuilt: Lobbyists Step Up To The Plate


Rainbeau there is nothing wrong with having an agenda when the motives are noble. However, there is a problem when greed is what governs. Our agenda is to empower people to be their own best health advocate. We are each individuals and what may work for me in terms of food is not what will necessarily work for you. The important thing is to eat food that is clean and whole. Too much of anything is no bueno. Thank you for expressing yourself.

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The Popular Food That Turns Your Gut Into A Pesticide Factory


@Murlin54 - You are so right. It's definitely not a growing fad. Our food supply is tainted and that is why I am so passionate to spread awareness about our food supply!

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9 Ingredients Nutritionists Won't Touch


@e77photo I'd like to inform you that CANOLA oil is made from Rapeseed. the name "canola" was derived from "Canadian oil, low acid" in 1978. CANOLA oil should not be used in my opinion.

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Olive Lav

Ozonated Organic Olive Oil With Lavender


I use the jojoba ozonated oil on my face. I use the olive on my body since it's thicker. Unfortunately i have deep cracks on my legs. I've been using the olive oil on my legs. That in combination with fish oils has helped reduce the cracks tremendously. I love this product. Clean and simple.

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Organic Ozonated Jojoba Oil

Organic Ozonated Jojoba Oil


I found this product at the Natural Foods Expos a month ago. I am in love with this product. My skin actually looks radiant. My man and I use it every day. I love the feel of it. And the fact that the jojoba isn't oily. This is affordable and the only ingredients is the oil and oxygen. I personally am done putting crap on my face that has a slew of ingredients i can't even pronounce. I definitely vouch for the product. I use the olive one which is thicker on my body.

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The Future Of Our Chocolate Supply


Thank you for enjoying my article. I spent a lot of time doing research. I learned a lot!

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My Life In A Tree


What a lovely story! Miranda is one of my heroes. Bless your heart Lovely Lady for standing up for what you believe in with courage and dignity.

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Virgin Raw Bee Panacea

Virgin Raw Bee Panacea (5 oz)


Maca is a Peruvian root. It has nothing to do with Maca. It helps regulate hormones, increase stamina and increases libido.

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Virgin Raw Bee Panacea

Virgin Raw Bee Panacea (5 oz)


Hi, You need a small little spoonful a day. It is very potent and lasts a long time. It is NOt for the face. If you use the coupon code 'panacea' you get 5% off through April 10th.

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Our intention was never to offend anyone with the female image of the woman with chocolate on her face.

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Virgin Raw Bee Panacea

Virgin Raw Bee Panacea (5 oz)


@Kathy if you do decide to buy it use the coupon code panacea for 5% off. And then please write a review and you will earn BeeMiles.

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Wheat Is Murder?


I highly recommend the book Wheat Belly. This is an article but the topic merits a BOOK. Western Medicine only identifies Celiac Disease once the villi in the gut has been obliterated. By that time the damage has been done. A blood test is much more reliable and cutting out wheat for a at least two months. One little bit of gluten can start the reaction all over again. And yes the wheat of today is heavily hybridized. It's not the same wheat.

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10 Signs You're Gluten Intolerant


I loved this article. I have been gluten free for more than seven years. Wheat in our modern day is hybridized to the max. Our body does not recognize this wicked ingredient. I personally think so many strange ailments are caused by wheat. And more and more studies are proving this. I HIGHLY recommend reading Wheat Belly by the way to learn more. Western Medicine is largely still clueless about food. I could go on forever about the ills of gluten and wheat.

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HealthForce Truly Natural Vitamin C


I just LOVE HealthForce. Their quality is top notch. I have some Vitamin C whenever I am feeling under the weather or if i need a little pep. This tastes good. It's a powder which i mix with water. It has no added sugar like most cheap vitamin C tablets you see at the GNC.

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Dow's Controversial New GMO Corn Delayed Amid Protests


Let's round them all up and enlist them to the loony bin. Let us end this “chemical arms race" that is slowly killing our planet and people.

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5 Banned Ingredients Still In Our Food Supply


Hey Chubsdog. Thank you for spreading the buzz. It would be great if we could see your image. Let us know if you are having difficulties.

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20,000 ER Visits Linked To Energy Drinks


Hi Karebear caffeine pills and energy drinks are pure poison to your system and make you pretty much run on fumes. Do you know the root of your anxiety?

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underactive thyroid

The Cost Of Missing An Underactive Thyroid


Hi Hive Members. There will be more articles that mention natural remedies. I take natural thyroid medication. The first step is to go get your blood drawn by western medicine and then take it to a natoropath who can properly read it. Western Medicine often overlooks the problem. My natural thyroid medication from Womens' International Pharmacy has helped tremendously. Also feeding my adrenals and eating iodine-rich foods like seaweed.

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A Scary Look Inside The McRib


This story is awesome! Well written and sassy!

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chronic fatigue

Treatment For Chronic Fatigue, CFS And Fibromyalgia


Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum has personally helped me with my Fibro pain. I am very thankful for his knowledge. Diet and nutrients are so key with this disease!

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A Quick Check On Earth's Vital Signs


Love Blake's news!

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Whats Hiding in Your Organic Food

What's Hiding In Your 'Organic' Food?


Yet another excellent article by Dr. Mercola. Carrageenan is in many 'organic' almond and rice milks. If you have fibromyalgia and intestinal issues stay away from it!

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Gnosis Chocolate Harvest Collection


i love Gnosis.

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