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Paleo Meals: Tap Into Your Inner Caveman/Cavewoman


Gluten is really bad for the body. My husband had a severe seizure disorder for years, and was told to learn to live with it. Live with 1,500 seizures a year? I don't thinks so. So I researched, and researched. Well, now we have discovered that food causes his seizures. It he eats gluten, he seizes. If he eats dairy, soy, or nuts too often, he seizes. I am also gluten free, due to leaky gut syndrome. My daughter has learned that gluten and dairy make her ill and bloated. You would be amazed at the difference eliminating these foods can make.

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5 Reasons To Join The Fermentation Frenzy


I love fermented foods, especially kombucha.

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How To Deal With An Alien Invasion—By Thinking Like A Parasite


This is really interesting, especially the cat part-- my mother-in-law has a lot of cats. Hmm. . .

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Prime Time For The Plight Of The Honeybees


I hope that everyone who reads this gets involved. Vote, spread the word to friends, contact local congressmen, and most importantly, do not use pesticides.

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Chicken à la King


I am lucky to live in an area where I can drive down the street and find many sources of local eggs. I can see the fat, happy chickens pecking around. But even people without this type of access can try and source food more ethically. Another, and perhaps most important, way to change this type of animal cruelty is to start getting involved. It may sound trite, but people should really be getting out and voting, and passing the importance of this on to their kids.

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Coca-Cola's New Plan: Defend Aspartame


This is ridiculous, considering the amount of research that shows that people who consume artificial sweeteners actually gain more weight. Well, money talks so maybe everyone should stop buying these drinks. I know that I no longer buy them at all, but it will take millions of us collectively refusing to put that poison into our bodies before these companies are willing to change their practices.

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Gandhi: The Original Bee For Social Change


I wish more people would actually be the change, instead of just quoting it.

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The Power Of Menses


Very interesting. I have been thinking of trying lunapads because regular pads irritate me, probably due to all the chemicals.

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BPA: Game Over For Babies, Pregnant Women, And The Rest Of Us


This is really scary. I have been trying to reduce, even eliminate, my use of plastics for environmental and health reasons. I look back 20 years and think of how much my own kids were exposed and it is heartbreaking. As a resident of MA I really appreciate Congressman Markey for taking a stand on this important issue,

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Up To 98 Percent Of Our Fresh Food Carries Pesticides: Proportion Of Produce With Residues Doubles In A Decade



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McDonald's Chicken McNuggets Under The Microscope


Disgusting, and just think of all the little ones that eat these regularly. Shouldn't even be legal to sell these as "chicken" with 40 ingredients.

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Do We Have A Right To Live McDonald’s Free?


Good for them!

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Sweetening The Pill Or How We Got Hooked On Hormonal Birth Control


Really interesting, and I am definitely going to look more into this issue of how the pill makes you feel. My daughter is 20 and has lots of stuck thoughts, anger, and anxiety so wonder if it is related.

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Constipation Begone! The Squatty Potty: A Natural Remedy For When You Can’t Crap


I can totally see why this would work. I used to put a step stool in front of the toilet for my son, who had chronic constipation.

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5 Horrifying Food Additives You've Probably Eaten Today


I would rather eat a product that has naturally occuring insects or bacteria than man-made chemicals.

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515 Synthetic Chemicals Women Put In Their Bodies Every Day


I gave up cleaning products years ago. This year I stopped using shampoo and conditioner, lotions, etc. I too have a mom and grandmother with breast cancer and got scared. So now I make many of my own products, which is better for me and the planet. Most of them work better too.

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Designing The Packaging-Free Future


I also hate how much packaging we use and waste. I try and lessen this when possible, like by not using plastic bags. Also, why do things like bananas need to be wrapped in plastic? I try to buy loose produce. Blogs like myplasticfreelife are full of inspiration and ideas.

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Coconut Oil - Top 20 Uses

20 Amazing Ways To Use Coconut Oil


I love coconut oil, and use it for most of these things. Another great thing is that I use it on my dogs elbows, and rub it on my hands and through their fur for dandruff. They also love to lick it, wich is good- it is antifungal and antimicrobial. I also put a dollop of coconut oil into a cup of homemade chicken broth and drink-- yummy.

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Why You Should Drink Warm Water And Lemon


I will have to try this

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Lethal Lingerie


As a large-breasted woman who HATES her bras, this makes a lot of sense. My mother has breast cancer, and my granmother (size DD) died from breast cancer. I would love to go bra-free, and never wear one at home. However, in this society a woman with boobs cannot go bra-free at work, and if she did there would be a lot of judgement. I would love more research into this area so that the bra-free taboo would lessen.

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Whats Hiding in Your Organic Food

What's Hiding In Your 'Organic' Food?


I agree that this is really discouraging. It makes it even harder to eat safe and clean, but more important that ever to do so. It is hard to research companies, but voting with our wallets is the only way to truly get corporations to change. Well, at least we can still buy organice and heirloom seeds.

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10 Environmental Victories Of 2012


It is nice to hear about victories. People involved in climate change or green movements spend so much time listening to horror stories and worrying that it can get overwhelming. It is easy to forget that what we are doing matters. Thanks!

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7 Life Lessons I've Learned From My Dog


This is so true, and I can't imagine life without my dogs.

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Why Half Of The World's Food Goes To Waste


There are so many things we can do to streamline the food system and actually feed everyone, number one being local and organic.

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Your Chicken Is Pumped Full Of Weird Liquids


How do we find chicken that hasn't been treated?

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Dirty Clean Lies: Truth About Triclosan


Good article-- I stopped using antibacterial products years ago but can see that it's important to spread the word.

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underactive thyroid

The Cost Of Missing An Underactive Thyroid


I have a slightly enlarged thyroid, and my primary missed it for years. First visit to a new doctor and she felt my neck and knew it was enlarged. Right now they are just watching it, but it is scary to think that my doctor missed it so easily.

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zero calorie soda

Coca-Cola: Obesity Is Your Fault, Not Ours!


The company is unlikely to admit anything anytime soon. However, parents can become more proactive consumers, and stop allowing soda to be an every day beverage choice, even for young children.

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515 Synthetic Chemicals Women Put In Their Bodies Every Day


Good article. I have been trying to eliminate carcinogens since my grandmother and mother both have breast cancer. It has been really easy to switch to homemade versions of many products and definitely worth a try for anyone looking to be healthier.

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phsychotripic drugs

Psychotropic Drugs: The Hidden Dangers


Another good tip-- Get plenty of natural sunshine and fresh air. I have seasonal depression and even just a few minutes outside in the winter helps.

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Morning Glory's

Grain-Free Morning Glory Muffins


I'm going o try these this weekend. They look delicious.

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Lab-Grown Meat Gives Food For Thought


There is no reason to grow meat in a lab. Studies have actually shown that returning to small-scale, sustainable agricultural practices will repair the land and provide more than enough food for everyone. People are hungry because of policy and gov. practices, especially the current factory farming practices. Also, look at all the danger and unknowns with GMOs.

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