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Hand-Screened Organic FU Monsanto T-shirt


Proud to rock this shirt! One of my favorite tees. :)

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Coconut Blue Cornflower

Coconut & Blue Cornflower Soap with Manuka Honey


Can't say enough great things about this line. Really loved this bar too. I use it when my skin is really irritated or breaks out, and it's very nourishing and soothing.

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Zatik Moisturizer Sea-Buckthorn Apricot


This will be the 3rd bottle I've bought. Love it. I have very sensitive dry skin, and this soothes it, makes it soft and glows. Plus it smells amazing. :)

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Zatik Coconut Calendula

Zatik Coconut Calendula Conditioner


Smells so yummy, and leaves my hair soft and smooth.

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Body Ecology: Stevia Liquid Concentrate  1

Stevia Liquid Concentrate


Love this. It's so convenient. I only have to use a couple drops, and it's a perfect fix for my sugar addiction.

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Zatik Pomegranate Eye Bright Serum


i like this, but i prefer to use it at night, because if i try to apply makeup on top it seems to flake a bit, but maybe i'm just using too much.

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Zeolite Trial

HealthForce ZeoForce Zeolite Powder


This stuff is amazing! I use it on my toothbrush, as a face mask, as an overnight blemish remover, rashes, and i just tried it on my bug bites last night, and they are no longer swollen, red, and itchy! :)

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Zatik Dragon's Blood Cleansing Gel


Love this cleanser! My face feels so smooth and glows after using it. :)

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Poppy's Lavender Dryer Pouches


Love these! Smell amazing, last for many uses, free of all those nasty ingredients!

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E3Live Renew Me! Total Body Blend

E3 Renew Me! Total Body Blend


Love this! :)

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Organic Baby Food Recipes For Your Little One


Can't wait to try some of these recipes when I have my own daycare! :)

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