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Peeing In Peace: UTIs And The Abuse Of Antibiotics


Thank you for sharing your harrowing UTI history. I'm glad that your prevention routine is working. Your mention of your grandmother's "legendary UTIs" sparked a rueful smile as I remembered my own mother's similar problems over the years. It seemed she spent more time with UTIs than she did being healthy. She did get some relief after cystocele repair as a part of a hysterectomy. I share your concern about antibiotic overuse in farming. It's clear that we're not talking about saving an individual animal like an expensive prize bull from some curable disease that might otherwise spread to the other animals. The problem is the widespread use of antibiotics to promote cheaper weight gain and to mitigate health problems caused by unhealthy confinement practices. I want the government to REQUIRE that these inappropriate uses be stopped--I don't trust the "voluntary" idea, and it's too slow. As someone who grew up on a farm I know that proper animal husbandry will result in healthier farm animals that won't need prophylactic antibiotic administration--better for them and better for us.

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This Hot Sauce Has Double The FDA’s Limit For Lead


The article was quite informative but the picture was offensive.

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