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water based lubricant

Love Lotion: The Best Non-Water Based Lubricant On The Market


It looks really great the only drawback is the packaging. When I'm in need of lube, my hands aren't usually sanitary - I've been making love with my partner and there are various juices on my hands. I would like the product to be in a squeeze-type bottle. Possible?

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photo by Michael Dorausch

The Dangers Of Genetically Modified Corn


I'm glad that research is being done about GMO effects on the digestive system. I don't understand why this evidence doesn't lead to FDA ensuring labeling and companies like Monsanto taking pesticides like Roundup off the market.

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frankenfish - photo by Julia Manzerova

Fukushima, Fish, And You


Raising the alarm. It's hard to know what to eat. This article is educational and depressing.

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