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5 Best Supplements Pack


Essentials For Health & Vitality (Free Shipping)

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HoneyColony has put together a 5 Best Supplements Pack  of supplements for our modern day and age. These five supplements work together to keep you healthy and functioning properly. This pack is especially beneficial if you suffer from an auto-immune condition like Fibromyalgia. Combine these supplements with an organic real food diet. Read the full story of why these are the best supplements for your health here

These are the 5 Best Supplements  our Founder Maryam Henein personally takes every day, after more than a decade of research into alternatives. HoneyColony advisers Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum and Dr. Alan Christianson, recommend these supplements and have experience working with auto-immune conditions. Despite having markers for Lupus and Fibromyalgia, Maryam is vibrant and healthy thanks  in part to the food and supplements she takes. At HoneyColony, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure the supplements in the 5 Best Supplements Pack  are manufactured by companies who care about quality. 

 5 Best Supplements Pack 

1. Omega 3

  • It’s incredibly effective at reducing inflammation
  • Helps with brain function
  • Essential for auto-immune conditions, if suffering from fibromyalgia or lupus, this supplement is a recommended must
  • DHA slows liver’s production of undesirable triglycerides, making it protective against heart disease and diabete
  • Promotes a healthy heart
  • Helps you maintain blood sugar levels within the normal range
  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels

2. Super Vitamin D3

  • It affects just about every cell and tissue in your body. It enters into the nucleus of the cell and positively influences the expression of genes relating to optimal physiology, cell growth and repair, and immunity
  •  Many of us are deficient due to the prevalence of sunscreens

Our 5 Best Supplements Pack comes with Vital Choice two-in-one Wild Salmon Oil + D3  for synergy. Most vitamin D3 supplements deliver the nutrient in a base of soy or other vegetable oils high in pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids. Here you get Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil, naturally rich in omega-3s and astaxanthin (6-month supply of 180 capsules  (2000 IU). Normally $40.00

  3. Magnesium

  • An estimated 80 percent of Americans are deficient in this important mineral thanks in part to our nutrient deficient soil
  • It’s needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body
  • It helps create ATP (adenosine triphospate), fuels energy molecules of your body and soothes muscles, promotes hair growth, aids in proper formation of bones and teeth, relaxes of blood vessels, helps your heart muscle, promotes bowel function and deepful sleep

Magnesium is especially important for those suffering from:

  • Fibromyalgia 
  • Atrial fibrillation 
  • Type 2 diabetes 
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Cardiovascular disease 
  • Migraines
Our 5 Best Supplements Pack with Jigsaw’s Magnesium with Sustained Time Release to prevent diarrhea and ensure absorbability, organic form – dimagnesium malate from Albion Labs, now wiht Quatrefolic – active Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid) (one-month supply of 120 tablets) . Normally $22.97.

4. Probiotics

  • We produce most of the feel-good hormone serotonin in our stomachs, and good gut bacteria can literally help you smile and stay healthy
  • Stimulates your immune system responses
  • Guards the health of your digestive tract
  • Helps you maintain balance of good bacteria for a healthy gut
  • It’s needed in this world of processed foods and over use of antibiotics
Our 5 Best Supplements Pack comes with Arthur Andrew’s Syntol. Contains 13.6 Billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units) of various non-competing strains of probiotic bacteria. And these revolutionary capsules, made of an extra-thick layer of cellulose (the main component of veggie caps) acts like an enteric coating, making it to your gut and germinating there. Prebiotics and anti-candida ingredients also added. (90 caps one-month supply) Normally 59.99

 5. Antioxidants

They can safely interact with free radicals, which are DNA-attacking poisons found in modern life. Once formed, these toxic compounds can start a chain reaction like dominoes. Cells may function poorly or die. Resulting oxidative stress is associated with more than 200 diseases.

  • Protect your DNA
  • Defend against dementia
  • Control diabetes complications
  • Helps with sight

Our 5 Best Supplements Pack comes with HealthForce Açai Resveratrol Ultimate ORAC Antioxidant Extreme because it’s 100% hard-core and nutritionally supports anti-aging and normal cell division, recovery, and rejuvenation. The product goes beyond the latest research and provides a comprehensive formula with potencies, bio-availability, and ORAC heretofore untouched. Contains botanical extracts and synergistic whole foods.Also supports the liver to make even more powerful metabolic antioxidants (superoxide dismutase and gluthathione). (120 capsules one-month supply). Normally $31.21.

Let us Guide You To  A Healthier You  — order our  5  Best Supplements Pack today!  $40 OFF/ FREE SHIPPING


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