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Ecuador #4 Substantial Texture

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Product Description

This fine and raw chocolate is hand made in Long Beach, CA. Substantial chocolate is made with 100% wild and sustainably harvested cacao from the jungles of Ecuador, where these 60-80 year old cacao trees are fed spring water from naturally present streams.

All of their creations are handmade in their raw/temperature controlled kitchen, and hand-wrapped with eco-friendly paper & recycled agricultural waste/branches from banana, coffee, lemon, and mango trees. Substantial Chocolate  finds great inspiration and natural magic in surrounding their highest selves in and around the raw chocolate vibration. Enjoy this gift from the Gods!

Although there are essentially only two ingredients in this bar – cacao & banana, this is a whole world to pull apart, quite literally. Two versions of both banana and cacao are represented here.  Substantial chocolate starts by stone grinding the cacao and banana together to make their signature Ecuador #4 blend. Then they press cacao nibs and chunks of sun-dried-to-perfection bananas to make a bar that has flavor notes detectable in the range of raspberries and light roasted coffee. Needless to say, the experience goes beyond the concept.

Why We Love Them

  • Chocolate is potent and pure
  • Solid squares are blends of the highest quality ingredients.
  • At least 95% of the ingredients are coming from Ecuador and Peru, from the cleanest, most natural, abundant, and organic sources available.
  • Locally made in Long Beach, USA with love
  • wild, vegan & raw
  • eco-friendly
  • Sustainably conscious
  • 100% organic/vegan ingredients


bananas and cacao grown in Ecuador.

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