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Gnosis Immunity Bar

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Gnosis Immunity Bar. Gnosis bars contain the most potent combination of superfoods to complement the highest quality raw chocolate in every bar. Great care has been taken to ensure that all of the ingredients in the Gnosis Immune Boost combine to create a taste that is rich, tempting, and enlivening.

Enjoy the flavors of this season: Persimmons (vitamin A & C, fiber), Pecans (oleic acid, beta-sitosterol – a natural cholesterol-lowering compound), Pumpkin seeds (zinc, magnesium, L-tryptophan for depression), Cranberries (vitamin C, probiotic, proanthocyanidins for urinary tract) and Black Currants (vitamin C, gamma-linoleic acid rare essential fatty acid, anthocyanins to reduce inflammation).

Be Warmed by spices:Cardamom, Ginger (circulation, distion, anti-inflammation) and Cinnamon (glucose metabolism, circulation, cognitive function & memory).

Strengthen with herbs: Echinacea (Native American Herbalism: flavonoids, polysaccharides, phenols, alkylamides activate white blood cells for immunity), Ginseng (Traditional Chinese Medicine: ginsenosides for endurance, stamina, endurance, stress reduction), Rose Hips (Native American Herbalism: contains 60% more vitamin C than most fruits, anthocyanins, anti-inflammatory), Burdock Root (Traditional Chinese Medicine: liver support for blood detoxification & lymph cleansing), and Chaga Mushroom (Russian Herbalism: high in polysaccharides, beta glucans & antioxidants for immunity, betulin & betulinic acid for liver function, ergo sterol – a vitamin D precursor).

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