Alanna Levenson

Alanna Levenson

Are you currently going through a major change in your life? Are you tired of trying to figure out how you can have more time and get more done with less effort? Are you ready to take a closer look at your priorities, take better care of yourself, and would like to start making conscious decisions that will have a positive impact on your future?

Life Coaching is now seen as a cutting edge modality that offers new possibilities for achieving personal success. Due to what’s happening in our world and the existence of the “new economy”, there is a mass consciousness change occurring. A lot of people are discovering what it means to reinvent themselves – are you ready?

What is Life Coaching?

The focus of a life coaching session is to discover and dissolve the barriers that obstruct you from achieving desirable results in life. Just like a coach of sports, a life coach is not there to do the job for you, but there to show you how to improve your game.
Life coaching is about empowering you to live powerfully by experiencing what it feels like to accomplish something – inspiring you to want to do more. It is about listening to your concerns, challenges, and issues to find your way to solutions rather than staying stuck in the problem.
The coach’s responsibility is to ask stimulating and provocative questions, while providing you with the ongoing support so that you can stay in action.
Who is Alanna Levenson?

Since 2005, Alanna has been helping people transform their lives. Her inspiration to become a life coach started young as that “go to person” for friends and family. Alanna’s 15-year prior career experience includes corporate technology sales where her skills in rapport building and influence were valued. It was during this time that she worked for a number of Start-Up companies, where she really learned what it took to make a company successful. From her acting, improvisational and stand-up comedy training she learned about human behavior and how we can use the power of our emotions to our advantage.

She is a Founding Facilitator for the World Academy for the Future of Women, a 12-month leadership program at the Sias International University in Zhengzhou, China. She also does Executive Coaching, Sales and Small Business Coaching through group coaching or private sessions.

Alanna provides her clients with:

• A coaching program suited to their needs to expand their capacities
• Tools that are easy to learn, and can be applied to real life challenges
• Ongoing support to provide accountability
• A roadmap to fulfilling their purpose with purpose
• New perspectives around money and health
• Communication tools to enhance professional & personal relationships
• The strategies to be successful

Alanna has a Bachelors Degree in Communications from San Diego State University, is a Certified Professional Coach, an Energy Leadership Index Assessment Practitioner, was an Associate Trainer for iPEC Coaching, and a certified Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). One of her philosophies is that “leadership is not just about the ability to lead others, it’s about being a leader in your own life.”

As a coach, Alanna offers unshakable belief in her clients’ ability to succeed. She works only with those who truly want more and are willing to do the work to love their lives!

A native of California, Alanna lives in Los Angeles with her Portuguese Water Dog, Georgie. In her free time she enjoys writing, hiking, cooking, rock climbing, and traveling.



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