Clifford Genece

Clifford Genece

After spending a quarter of his life (he assumes he’ll make it to 100) in New York, Clifford Genece has been on a three-year journey to find a new home. Different cities, different coasts, and a different country have led to no success.

As he continues his travels, Clifford works as a Personal Trainer and Freelance Writer/Editor. Most of his freelance roles involve work with health and fitness startups that are promoting a higher quality of life. He enjoys startup culture because it demands creativity and intensity.

Clifford spends his mornings jogging trails or the shoreline (depending on the city he’s in), drinking tea, and catching up on compelling news. In his free time, Clifford writes about his experiences growing up in Brooklyn, personal development, his own health and fitness journey, life coaching, career coaching, and relationships. The rest of his day involves cooking fun meals and finding unique beers to compliment them with.

Follow his journey on Instagram and Twitter.

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