Dr. Alexander Rinehart

Dr. Alexander Rinehart

Dr. Alexander Rinehart is a licensed Chiropractor and Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS). While he grew up in the green hills of central Pennsylvania, he lives and practices in Greater Phoenix Arizona. His passion for nutrition stemmed early in his youth. His outlook on life was fueled foremost by the loss of his father due to a car accident when he was just four years old. Despite growing up in a food-insecure, single-parent home, his appreciation for fresh vegetables started by getting his hands dirty and helping his grandparents garden a 3-acre plot of land. Despite his early obstacles, he learned to be independent and resourceful.

While he believes health is an inborn right, Dr. Rinehart understood at a young age that health is something that is to be actively nurtured and maintained. He studied Social Issues and Health at Juniata College before obtaining a Master’s of Science degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition. He earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College in the Finger Lakes region of New York.

His appreciation for wellness philosophy and evidence-based nutrition merged in a love for Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition. Dr. Rinehart currently serves as the Director of Health Education for Med-Chem Labs, Inc. located in greater Phoenix. He is also the owner of the Arizona Nutrition Center (https://www.AZNutritionCenter.com) located in Goodyear, Arizona. You can follow his articles at https://www.DrAlexRinehart.com.

Loves: Self-Aware People
Turn-Offs: Cigarettes and people who don’t use their turn signals.
Inside Buzz: Dr. Rinehart’s personal mantra is to live life with ease. A purposeful life is about finding ways to ease the way for yourself and the lives of others. A healthy life is one without dis-ease.

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