Jan Wellmann

Jan Wellmann

Jan is a producer/entrepreneur based out of L.A., Berlin, and Greece, originally born in Helsinki, Finland. He is HoneyColony’s Co-Founder.

Jan has founded and ran companies in advertising, film production, CGI, and game development, before he was approached by Nokia in the late 90′s to write a business plan for mobile entertainment. His plan raised $21 million from top-tier international investors, and the company, Riot Entertainment, quickly acquired a long list of Hollywood blockbusters to create the world’s first branded mobile games for over 155m customers. Since then, Jan has helped several startups with fund raising, strategy and execution. After loosing his hair to startups he had an epiphany about natural health in his late 30s after a close call with antibiotics, during which he was given three days to live. Years of research and experimentation with health products led him to co-found HoneyColony and educate people about safe and natural solutions. Jan has also produced and directed award-winning documentaries that have sold in several dozen countries. In between, he likes to run up hills, take pictures, and play Peter Pan. Lately he is a devout follower of the ketogenic diet. Follow him at @janwe or his blog.

Loves: Unpredictability

Turn-Offs: Celery

Inside Buzz: Planning a rave in the mountains

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