Maryam Henein

Maryam Henein

In 2010, Maryam Henein’s 15-year career as an investigative journalist, entrepeneur, and producer hit a milestone with the release of her award-winning documentary Vanishing of the Bees, narrated by Ellen Page. It also marked her directorial debut.

Maryam’s other credits include programs for the BBC, Discovery, Robert Greenwald, and Morgan Spurlock—plus, she co-wrote and hosted a program for TLC about the Ark of the Covenant. Her articles have appeared in several publications including the Los Angeles Times, Maxim, Science & Spirit Magazine, and Penthouse. The native Montrealer gained notoriety by breaking a story about Dodi Fayed’s imposter, a man who duped hundreds across North America, including Duran Duran and Jodie Foster. The trial set a precedent in Canadian legal history.

Maryam’s immersion in nutrition science and alternative healing started about 10 years ago, on the heels of a near death experience. Maryam’s brush with death also raised her awareness of the environment, which inspired her to work on a piece on the Exxon Valdez Oil spill for Robert Greenwald and The Sierra Club. Shortly thereafter, the bees flew into Maryam’s life.

Through HoneyColony, Maryam has fused her reporting skills with her love of nutrition and social media in a cooperative model that closely resembles the workings of a real hive. Maryam is dedicated to empowering folks to be their own best health advocate.

Loves: Dancing, keeping bees, and yoga

Turn-Offs: Wheat, gluten, dairy, hellavision, narcissists, and people who smell

Inside Buzz: Used to go-go dance, sleeps with an eye-mask, enjoys blowing dandelions to the wind and prefers to be referred to as a QBIT (Queen Bee In Training) instead of a Queen Bee or Founder, because it’s more humble, of course. Check out more of her writing on tumblr. Or follow her on Twitter.

Breaking the Set’s Abby Martin interviews Maryam Henein about Colony Collapse Disorder and the worldwide demise of the honeybees.


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