Rehmannia Dean Thomas

Rehmannia Dean Thomas

Rehmannia Dean Thomas is an initiate into the earliest official system of plant-based therapy in human history, now known as the “Gate of Life” lineage of “Tonic” Herbalism.

As personal apprentice to Master herbalist Ron Teeguarden, Rehmannia received an eight year training, first attaining the status of ‘Teamaster’, and eventually working with Ron at Dragonherbs in Santa Monica California, where he was head alchemist at the elixir bar.

Rehmannia holds a degree as Master Herbalist from Natural Healing College, studied TCM diagnosis at Alhambra Medical University, and is a U.C Master Gardener. Tonic Herbalism is the original Chinese medical system (est. 2975 B.C.), predating Lao-Tzu’s creation of Taoism by 1500 years. Ancient Chinese folklore states that reclusive Taoist hermits developed powerful elixirs of these herbs and attained immortality.

Shamans of this lineage discovered the natural law of Yin/Yang, and developed a thorough understanding of Human reproductive, metabolic and spiritual health. This ultra-sophisticated system of health maintenance is only now being revealed to the West. He has written two books; Healing Thresholds, on Tonic Herbalism and raw food, and The Hsien; a fictional tale of struggle and redemption as we enter a new era.

Rehmannia conducts lectures and workshops, discussing the origins, history and development of Tonic Herbalism, the use, actions and folklore of individual herbs, and that art of herbal alchemy. Rehmannia currently lives in Los Angeles and is president of ‘Shaman Shack’ specializing in whole herb ‘U-cook’ formulas designed to support the 7 Chakras, as well as other herbal products.

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