Global Healing Center: Dr. Group’s Body Cleanse Starter Kit. Kit includes:

  • 1 x Oxy-Powder® (120 capsules)
  • 1 x Livatrex®
  • 1 x Latero-Flora™
  • 1 x The Green Body Cleanse (PDF)

Oxy-Powder® is a specifically designed compound that has been ozonated and stabilized to release beneficial free monatomic oxygen into the intestinal tract and body. The time-released delivery ensures Oxy-Powder® will provide an adequate amount of oxygen, slowly, for better utilization by the body. Oxy-Powder® is non-toxic, safe, effective, and non-allergenic. By using Oxy-Powder®, you can melt away or oxidize compaction from the small intestine, large intestine, and colon safely and effectively.

Livatrex® is an essential dietary supplement used for a Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse and for supporting healthy liver and gallbladder function. Even here at Global Healing Center, we use and recommend Livatrex® for promoting optimal health in these vital organs. The liver is a key organ of the body, responsible for assisting in digestion, cleaning impurities from the blood, and neutralizing toxins. Keeping the liver clean is great way to help protect yourself against diseases of the blood and digestive system as well as many other toxicity-related conditions.

Latero-Flora™ (B.O.D.™ strain) is available only through health professionals. This product can help maintain a healthy colon and will help populate the intestines with beneficial bacteria. The result is that, since early 1989 when this product was introduced commercially, a continuously growing number of individuals, doctors, clinics, and healthcare professionals have praised this product and recommended it to their friends and patients.

Bragg’s Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is made from organically certified apples. It is unfiltered, unpasteurized, kosher-certified and contains the ‘mother’ of vinegar. It has been certified in accordance with USDA organic standards.