Global Healing Center: Dr. Group’s Green Living Cleanse Advanced Kit. Kit includes:

  • 1 x Guardian Air Plug In Air Purification System
  • 1 x Watersafe® City Water Test Kit
  • 1 x Safe Space Cell Phone Radiation Protector
  • 1 x Safe Space II Computer or Home Radiation Protector
  • 1 x The Green Body Cleanse (Hardcover)
  • 1 x The Secret to Health DVD
  • 1 x The Green Body Cleanse (PDF)

Guardian Air Plug In Air Purification System. The toxic indoor air that we are exposed to bombards us with many toxins that enter our bodies every single day. Fortunately, we can take action to improve our quality of air both at work and at home. By eliminating pollutants in our air and water, we can greatly reduce the toxins that enter our bodies and by doing so, improve our health. The Guardian Air Plug In Air Purification System is one of the products that we can use to improve our air quality.

Use the Watersafe® test kit to effectively test for toxins in your water. This kit comes complete with all that you need to simply and effectively determine if your drinking water contains dangerous levels of any of these toxins: Bacteria, Lead, Pesticides, Total nitrates and nitrites, Total chlorine, and Total hardness.

The Safe Space® Cell Phone Protector has been designed to protect your entire body from the harmful effects that are possible from exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF). It eliminates the harmful EMF effects that are possible, protecting your whole body and most importantly the two key areas the head and hip, where many people use and carry their cell phones. What’s more, this product can generate and sustain a harmonic and balanced state in your individual energy field. The Safe Space® Cell Phone Protector can work on all cordless, cellular, portable and mobile phones, and on beepers, too. You attach it easily in seconds, with no interference of reception.

The Safe Space® I Radiation Protector works by clearing electromagnetic fields that are generated around your computer, and other areas, at home or at work. It creates a stress-free, balanced environment by generating more auspicious and harmonious working and living areas. We have available a larger version that can clear harmful radiation from a radius of 1,000 to 1,500 square feet.

The Safe Space® II is made for use especially around computers. It can neutralize harmful vibrational energies, geopathic disturbances and electromagnetic fields. It’s made of glass that incases a holographic grid. Safe Space® II clears the radius of a 9 foot spherical area. It starts to work as soon as you put it into position. This device must remain in order to maintain a clear and harmonious area. Once you remove the device, then it is possible that the area will return to its former unbalanced and toxic state.

The Wellness Carafe’s multi-stage, gravity-powered filter cartridge will reduce chlorine, lead, and other harmful contaminants. In addition to providing superior filtration, the filter cartridge contains enhancement media, which adds trace alkaline minerals for a unique taste that can be found only with the Wellness Carafe.

The Secret to Health DVD reveals information that has been suppressed by the medical establishment for over 100 years! Learn from Dr. Group, how you can restore your health and take control of your body again!

The Green Body Cleanse provides you with remarkable information not revealed by conventional medicine, for having a healthier body, living a healthier, greener lifestyle.