Dr. Group’s Harmful Organism Cleanse Kit

Dr. Group’s Harmful Organism Cleanse Kit

Global Healing Center: Dr. Group’s Harmful Organism Cleanse Kit. Kit includes:

  • 2 x Paratrex
  • 1 x Latero-Flora™
  • 1 x The Green Body Cleanse (PDF)

ParaTrex®is uniquely formulated to help your body detoxify and flush the intestinal tract. Wild-crafted herbs in the formula make ParaTrex® one of the most powerful aids in helping the body to resist an invasion by harmful organisms. Wild-crafted herbs are herbs not grown on a farm, but harvest from lands that are free of pesticides and herbicides. ParaTrex® herbs help to produce in the body, a healthy environment that is inhospitable to unwelcome invaders.


Latero-Flora™ (B.O.D.™ strain) is only available from health professionals. and helps maintain a healthy colon and populate the intestines with beneficial bacteria.


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