Essential Living Foods: Maca Blend

Essential Living Foods: Maca Blend

Essential Living Foods: Maca Blend. Maca—a centuries old superfood—is known for its positive effects on the libido and energy levels. Similar to ginseng and other adaptogenic foods, maca thrives best in the rugged terrain of the Andes Mountains. Nutrient-full and used in traditional medicine, many people still consider it for its powerful aphrodisiac qualities. Try a scoop in your smoothies, juices, and chocolate recipes.

This proprietary blend of yellow, red, black, and premium maca powders delivers higher levels of glucosinolates, the primary active compound in maca, than other maca powders – giving you even more of the energy, endurance and performance enhancement you’re looking for! Our organically-grown Maca is rich with alkaloids, glucosinolates, and phytosterolsunique nutrients that support hormone balance, detoxification and lower cholesterol levels!

Essential Living Foods Maca Blend

  • Delivers active compounds that deliver more energy, and improve physical performance
  • Traditionally used to improve libido, and support hormone balance
  • Ancient Peruvian superfood

Health Benefits

  • Improves muscular strength
  • Increases sexual energy
  • Helps regulate the hormone process
  • Enhances memory

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