UniKey: Fast Detox Diet Kit

UniKey: Fast Detox Diet Kit

UniKey Fast Detox Diet Kit includes Ann Louis Gittleman’s ‘The Fast Track Detox Diet’ and the Fast Detox Diet Kit (Super-GI Cleanse, Flora-Key, and Liver Lovin’ Formula.

The Fast Detox Diet Kit provides all the basic necessities for a successful start on the Fast Track Detox Diet, and helps your body safely eliminate toxins and wastes that can slow down metabolism, drain you of energy, depress your immune system, and accelerate the aging process.

Super-GI Cleanse – Five sources of fast-acting fiber provide for effective daily elimination and regularity, plus plant enzymes and an intestinal flora blend to ensure delivery of the fibers and natural herbal cleansers.* Healthy detox dieting requires gentle and fast-acting fiber to keep the detox process moving on a daily basis.

Flora-Key – probiotic formula provides 10 billion beneficial bacteria per serving to help crowd out harmful toxins that can hinder your ability to lose weight and obtain optimum wellness.*

Liver-Lovin Formula – The ideal multi-faceted supplement for gentle, yet powerful liver support for optimum weight loss/detox.*

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