UniKey: Female Multiple

UniKey: Female Multiple

UniKey Female Multiple is a uniquely designed multivitamin supplement. Excess copper is often the culprit for women with fatigue, anxiety, depression, hair loss and skin problems, and is also connected to the condition known as estrogen dominance.

Now with increased vitamin D for improved immunity, horse chestnut extract for beautiful veins, and alpha lipoic acid, a vital antioxidant.* Featuring 1,000 mg of hesperidin complex to strengthen the capillary system, improve venous tone, enhance lymph drainage and prevent hormonal fluctuations for women of all ages.* It also contains twice the amount of magnesium to calcium (the ideal 2:1 ratio) to optimize calcium absorption for strong bones and relaxed muscles.* Plant-based enzymes help to assure delivery of essential female vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients into the system.

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