UniKey: Verma – Plus

UniKey: Verma – Plus

UniKey Verma – Plus features traditional herbs used for centuries to assist in the elimination of parasites and unwanted microorganisms from the GI tract.


  • Black Walnut Hulls – Used for centuries by American Indians and Chinese to expel intestinal waste and unwanted microorganisms*
  • Wormwood – A well-respected herb for the elimination of “uninvited guests”*
  • Centuary – An eliminator that helps release the “hooks and suckers” from intestinal walls according to Native American herbal lore*
  • Male Fern – A widely-accepted purgative for larger microorganisms*
  • Orange Peel – Aids digestion, circulation and promotes peristalsis*
  • Cloves – Helps improve digestion and circulation, and helps gas and intestinal spasms*
  • Butternut – An internationally-recognized remedy for elimination of common microorganisms*

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