Watersafe® City Water Test Kit

Global Healing Center: Watersafe® City Water Test Kit. This Watersafe® City Water Test Kit is single use and contains everything necessary to simply and accurately test your water for bacteria, lead, pesticides, nitrite, total nitrate/nitrite, total chlorine, pH, and total hardness.

Why Should You Test Your Water with the Watersafe® City Water Test Kit?

  • Water is the most consumed substance on earth. And, despite water treatment facilities, it can contain dangerous toxins and contaminants.
  • According the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, within the United States, it’s estimated E. coli bacteria is responsible for 73,000 cases of infection and 61 deaths a year.
  • Lead is toxic and cause systemic and developmental problems in children, as well as adults. Drinking water can become contaminated if lead is leached from old pipes. Many structures built prior to 1988 may have pipes or fixtures that contain lead.
  • Every watershed in the United States has been found to contain pesticides and the dangerous chemicals they contain have been found in many groundwater wells.

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