Global Healing Center: Zeotrex®. A chemical and toxic metal cleanse is an all natural process designed to flush, detoxify, and purge the body of harmful chemicals and toxic metals. Most people are exposed to many toxic chemicals and metals on a daily basis. Chemicals and toxic metals are accumulated in the body from exposure to contaminated air, water, food, VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), beverages and environmental contaminants.

Once in the body, chemicals and toxic metals can multiply the production of harmful free radicals (by up to one million times) and may cause deadly chain reactions. They poison the body, impair the function of cells, tissues, and organs, and can ultimately lead to a number of serious health concerns.

A chemical and toxic metal cleanse should be performed regularly by taking a mixture of detoxifying herbs with the addition of organic detox foot pads to help the body naturally eliminate the harmful buildup of chemicals and toxic metals in the body.


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