By HoneyColony Staff

The end of 2012 is here and it’s a good time to reflect on the top environmental victories of the last 12 months.

For instance, more than 100 coal plants were shut down this year with the help of The Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign. And the Environmental Protection Agency provided safeguards on mercury pollution and carbon limits for new power plants. In the City of Angels, a 150 megawatt solar cash-back program was approved, while in New Mexico the Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights was passed to encourage more kids to move outdoors. And another big achievement was the defeat of a resolution written by climate denier Senator Inhofe that would have revoked President Obama’s mercury and air toxins standard for power plants and blocked the EPA from issuing mercury reduction standards in the future.

To read more positive changes, read the full list on TreeHugger.

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