Is A Vegan Diet Healthier?
Curious why so many celebrities and high-profile personalities are turning to a vegan diet? This HoneyColony page explains the many benefits of going vegan.

Is A Vegan Diet Healthier?

Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson recently announced plans to adopt a vegan diet, joining Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Ellen DeGeneres, and Jared Leto. So what is the difference between vegetarian and vegan? And is a vegan diet really healthier?

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Garden Benefits: How To Build A Raised Bed
What are the ways growing a garden benefits a person? This short summary and the included info-graphic from are instructive.

Garden Benefits: How To Build A Raised Bed

Learn how to build a raised-bed garden filled with vegetables, fruits, and herbs, bringing the garden benefits of freshly picked produce right outside your door.

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