Don’t get swept up in the hype, prevention to epidemic disease is key.

The simplest way to prevent infections is hygiene, particularly handwashing, before eating or touching your face. To illustrate this, a viral meme has surfaced pairing song lyrics to the recommended 20-second wash cycle to help limit coronavirus infection.

There are several natural ways to take control and prevent viral infections from taking hold, coronavirus included. If you want a direct antiviral effect, both chelated silver and colloidal silver can target a wide range of viruses through several mechanisms. It is best to combine this with immune-boosting foods or supplements. Andrew Saul, an orthomolecular physician, recommends the following protocol for viral infections. The aim of these supplements is to boost the immune system and provide some direct antiviral support: 

Importance Of Nutritional Supplementation

Nutritional supplementation is especially important for those who already have viral infections. The immune system responds to the coronavirus by increasing NF-kappa B production. If it’s pushed into overdrive, it can fill up the lungs with fluid and lead to pneumonia. Fortunately, natural substances including vitamins C and E, alpha-lipoic acid and N-acetyl cysteine all reduce NF-kappa B. Vitamin D is also a significant NF-kappa B inhibitor and boosts our pathogen-fighting ability while relieving inflammation. 

The need for vitamin D may be one reason why the coronavirus is harming so many in China, a country infamous for urban air pollution. Research has shown that living in heavily polluted areas is linked with lower vitamin D levels, as haze affects sunlight penetration. People who live in more polluted areas are more likely to have low vitamin D levels, under 20ng/mL. It’s also currently winter, where levels are further depleted from spending less time outside and wearing warm clothing.  

The above antiviral protocol can go a long way in protecting yourself against both this epidemic disease and other common infections like influenza. Remember, don’t let the panic suck you in, either. Stress harms the immune system, and the vast majority of deaths have occurred in China among people with pre-existing conditions. We may not know the full story about how the coronavirus came to be, but we are not helpless.

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