Cheap Lubes come at a high price!

Data from a study published recently in the South African Medical Journal suggests that men who have sex with men may be at increased risk of HIV transmission and infection due to the use of common sexual lubricants. cheap lube and condoms

According to the study, while transmission and infection risks are high for all unprotected anal intercourse, the use of many top-selling, cheap lubes currently on the market may increase these risks because they cause epithelial rectal damage.

Although such sexual lubricants are typically used to facilitate “comfortable, non-traumatic” anal sex, the study noted, results show many of them are hyperosmolar, thus increasing the exchange of fluids across cell membranes in the rectum. cheap lube and condoms

“Hyperosmolar” refers to a statistically significant increase in “osmolality,” or the concentration of a solute’s osmoles per kilogram of solvent. An “osmole” is a measure of a solution’s potential for osmosis, or the exchange of fluids across membrane barriers (in this case, cell walls), in terms of moles of pressure.

In less scientific terms, the study’s findings suggest many commonly used, cheap lubes increase the chance that HIV will pass from the one partner’s pre-ejaculate and ejaculate into the cells of the other partner’s rectal lining. cheap lube and condoms

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Methodology: The Osmolality of Cheap Lubes

The study determined the osmolalities and glycerol concentrations of eight water-based cheap lubes, as well as those of several common household products and foodstuffs often used as sexual lubricants. Testing showed seven of the eight commercial lubricants had high osmolalities, with two products’ osmolalities approaching 10,000 milliosmoles per liter. Such higher osmolalities are far in excess of the osmolality of serum (i.e., blood), which is 280 milliosmoles per liter. cheap lube and condoms

The study points out that many of the same cheap lubes have been shown to cause epithelial injury both in vitro and in vivo in vaginal applications. The study’s authors suggested the general public should be made aware of the dangers of using cheap lubes during unprotected anal sex. cheap lube and condoms

For the entire South African Medical Journal article, visit African Journals Online.

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