When we talk about the silver healing benefits of high-quality colloidal silver produced by Silver Healer, we’re often countered with skepticism. That’s understandable, because there is a half century of disinformation by the pharmaceutical industry that has been downplaying natural healing solutions since the introduction of patentable drugs.

For example “blue man syndrome” is one of the first google terms that come out when you research colloidal silver. Yet turning blue from silver is only possible if you digest massive quantities of silver salts, that have nothing to do with high-quality colloidal silver.

We’ve also been classed as quacks and witchcraft pushers and other innovative terms. Which is the common attempt when trying to discredit alternative medicine. But the truth is that we are only reviving the facts about a healing solution that has been used successfully for millennia.

Today, colloidal silver has been proven in modern lab conditions to wipe out over 630 exotic and common pathogens while improving overall resistance against an incredible spectrum of human ailments (check out our top 51 benefits of colloidal silver) Hundreds of thousands of people use it successfully, yet very little of that information is available, because of the filtered nature of modern media. Without deeper research, you will most likely stumble into disinformation first.

What keeps us motivated are our customers who’ve taken the leap to test the Silver Healer. People who actually use silver, have a different story tell. Read some of their testimonials below. Most have been able to give up antibiotics for the first time and some have gotten rid of life long ailments. That’s huge! That’s why we recommend trying the Silver Healer even if you have doubts in the beginning (there is no risk as we have a 30-day return guarantee.)

The most important thing is to learn and to spread the truth about antibiotics. The April 2016 introduction of the first pan-resistant superbug is no joke. Superbugs have been proliferating because of massive antibiotic misuse, literally mutating millions of times per day to look for weaknesses in our immune system. Now one of them found one in April. It’s not the last one. That’s why we want to contribute to a future where people heal themselves naturally, without synthetic prescriptions that enrich Big Pharma execs and empower bugs.

Please educate yourself responsibly, starting with our Silver Healer information page. Or try out the Silver Healer itself here, the market’s leading solution in terms of feature vs. price. We’ve recently reduced the price from $350 to $250 to make it available for a larger user base. It will produce hundreds of

And communicate with people who use colloidal silver regularly, like our dear Silver Healer customers below. With responsible communication in an open community like HoneyColony, we can make real change happen!

Testimonials On Silver Healer

“I can’t speak highly enough of this silver healer. A really good friend of mine got one and I was pretty skeptical of it at first, but after seeing how well it worked for her I was convinced and bought one myself. I’ve had reoccurring MRSA for years but I’m allergic to the antibiotic that helps it, so this has been the best thing that’s helped – it’s saved me a lot of pain in the past few months! It’s also wonderful for more minor ailments, anything from cuts or burns to sore throats and UTIs. This is an investment that will definitely pay off quickly and will save you tons of money in the long run!”
– K. Wallace – 5 out of 5 STARS

“The Silver Healer has been a wonderful boost to my immune system. I generally catch nearly every cold that comes by, but thankfully I’ve been able to combat symptoms when they first start. It’s extremely easy to use and makes collodial/ionic silver so much easier to afford in the long-run. I’m using it for all sorts of household things as well, such as disinfecting, gardening, getting rid of mold and so much more! It really feels like there are endless uses for the product. This machine is definitely a life-changer!”
– Linda Miriam – 5 out of 5 STARS

“This portable Colloidal Silver Healer is amazing. The health benefits are staggering to be completely honest. You can treat so many ailments with colloidal silver, like the flu, the common cold, build up your immune system, treat cuts and burns, and aid your digestive system. It’s incredible, and the fact that this is a portable system makes it even better. Love it!”
– Erin H. – 5 out of 5 STARS

“Whenever I feel a cold coming on I feel a certain peace of mind because I know that the silver’s antibacterial properties are really strong. The silver has also been effective at attacking parasites in my body. I’ve also noticed an improvement in my vision as the ingested silver disinfects the toxins that lodge behind the eyes. The Colloidal Silver Healer is an incredibly cost-effective healing tool.”
– S. Kholos – 5 out of 5 STARS

“I was initially in doubt that the product will heal the sore throat which I had been battling for weeks. A doctor had recommended oral antibiotics medication which I had been taking in earnest, but the predicament didn’t improve. I was encouraged to give the colloidal silver a try after a co-worker recommended it with raving appraisals and a link to the order page. After beginning the medication 2 to 3 times daily, at first I felt it wasn’t working, but remained steadfast to it. Barely 2 days later, I noticed some results, as the pain subsided. I felt more relieved with swallowing and by the end of the week, became much healthier as the symptoms cleared. Sincerely I was left in awe! Great product!”
– Olivia Gibbons – 5 out of 5 STARS

“When I first heard of Silver Healer I immediately thought the product would irritate the probiotics in the lower colon as prescription bionics do. However, with continuous use of Silver Healer I have come to realize that the silver particles produced by this machine are so tiny and that they are absorbed by the body quickly. There is no negative effect on the lower colon while the silver particles are effective at killing microbes, fungus and infections. The Silver Healer is such an effective natural anti-biotic that is portable, high-grade and ionic silver generator. This machine has diverse range of usage as you will find out when you purchase it. It can be used as disinfectant as well as applied both topically and internally. I mainly bought Silver Healer to boost my immune systems but I have been impressed that it can also prevent plaque build-up and tooth decay, heal cuts, boils and wounds as well as combating food poisoning. I think Silver Healer is an efficient and high quality technology for maximum health benefit and I feel I got value for my money by purchasing this natural antibiotic healer machine.”
– Dr. Solago – 5 out of 5 STARS

“I love it! I have used it for a few things…sinus pain…a few sprays with an empty nasal spray bottle…gone. I had a skin on skin sore and put some colloidal silver on a Kleenex and put it in the skin fold…gone the next day. My dog had bad breath and put some in her water dish. Much better. I am so happy that I purchased the Silver Healer. Thank you! Thank you!”
– Dr. Solago – 5 out of 5 STARS

I have been using this unit since it first became available and I’m very happy with the results. I have suffered with sinus problems for years and had many sinus infections. Since I have been using your product I have not had a sinus infection. I recommend your product highly. Thank you very much.
– Bill S., Valley Center, California

I’ve struggled with swollen gums for years. After rinsing with the silver solution from my Silver Healer at bedtime, when I woke up, the swelling had gone down!
– S. P., San Diego, California

I found that not only is it easy to make, but last month I had some kind of virus and instead of lasting a week I stopped it in two days by making sure I was consistent in taking the silver.
– Sherry J., Delaware

Three cheers for the Silver Healer design team! This product is a real home run!
– Kenn M., Tamworth, New Hampshire

“I recently got a Silver Healer. After making a batch I added 2 tablespoons of silver to 8 ounces of Aloe Vera gel and put on my son’s arms for an allergic reaction rash he had from working with machine oil at a factory. We did 2 applications a day for 2 days and the rash and open sores were almost gone. No more open sores etc.”
– Eddie E., West Virginia

Testimonials on the Power of Ionic/Colloidal Silver

Crohn’s — “Our son has Crohn’s. The only thing that let him live a normal life was a steroid. You can’t stay on them forever. He ended up with Pancreatitis from them, They then put him on asacol and imordal . They helped some. Someone suggested he try colloidal silver. In less than a month he was off all medicines. He takes the silver 2 to 3 times a day and it controls the pains. He now lives a normal life. If the pains start up he just takes an extra dose of silver. His Dr. sees him every 6 months. He has been on the silver 7 months. It also has helped us with colds and sore throats. I also know of a young girl in her 20′s that has endometriosis and finds the silver helps with the pain.

MS — I just found your site and I want to add a testimonial of my own. I would like to shout from the mountain tops. I was walking with a cane, and numb on my right side. I was about to go on disability, because I couldn’t work anymore due to the course of my MS.

After drinking colloidal silver 16 oz. per day for 12 weeks, my MS symptoms began to vastly improve. Today I work up to 10 hrs per day, I walk with no problem, and the numbness is almost gone. I have come back about 80% from when I started drinking Colloidal silver water. Anyone with MS, get started drinking NOW. Thanks for the space to spread my message. Sincerely, Nancy DeLise

Whooping Cough – My youngest son is very susceptible to just about every virus and germ known to man, I think. He had whooping cough about 2 years ago. We treated the usual way with antibiotics from the doctor… two months later he was still coughing and wheezing. Then, last spring he somehow contacted it again. We caught it very early on and had the diagnosis confirmed by a doctor, that he truly had whooping cough for a SECOND time. We gave him as much colloidal silver as we could, including a nasal spray of it, as the back of the nose is where the whooping cough virus likes to hide. Within 36 hours there was no trace of a wheeze or whoop in him. His pediatrician couldn’t believe it as I handed him back his prescription for erythromycin 2 days later and my son had a clean retest for the virus. He just couldn’t believe that 2 days before a test had confirmed it and it was now totally gone.

Asthma — Bronchitis, and Sinusitis — I am a 38 year old women who was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 18. For 20 years I have had bronchitis and sinusitis every Jan, Feb, or March along with a nagging dry cough. . . . I was surfing on the internet and looked up Bronchitis and sinusitis . . . I heard a testimony of Colloidal Silver that claimed it helped someone’s asthma. Although a skeptic, out of desperation I ordered a bottle . . . After taking one teaspoon, the very next day I noticed that I could breathe 90% better than the previous day.

I continued to take the Colloidal Silver for a week. Two weeks later I went to my pulmonologist as I had made an appointment the morning my lungs were severely irritated. They X-rayed my lungs and did three hours’ worth of tests on my lungs and when the doctor came in to see me after reviewing my test results, he told me I had outgrown my asthma. He told me to stop taking both of my asthma medications…

Warts — My young 8-year-old daughter was embarrassed by warts that had not gone away with Compound W, which had a strong odor and just didn’t seem to work. On the first application of colloidal silver, about half the wart dissolved. A few more applications after that, and it was gone! We were SHOCKED at the speed of its healing. I think the Compound W treatment calls for weeks and weeks of application.

Chronic Bladder Infection – I have had recurring bladder infections requiring antibiotics for over 20 years. Usually the infection flares up when summer comes and I work outside in the heat. I get a little dehydrated and by evening I have the familiar burning sensation. I have tried the cranberry juice and cranberry pills and finally give in and go to the doctor for antibiotics to cure the pain. The infection seemed to be low-grade, all the time. When I traveled by car, not drinking enough liquids, and not stopping enough, the bladder infection would flare up again. I finally found a solution! Colloidal Silver. Since I began taking Colloidal Silver I have had no bladder infection. – Denise

Lyme disease – Our 8 year old daughter was diagnosed with Lyme disease after a lengthy and baffling illness. She was put on oral antibiotics for several years with fairly good results (they knocked the symptoms down from 40 to 4) but, as soon as she got off of the antibiotics, all the symptoms would return. We heard about Colloidal Silver through a newsletter we subscribed to and decided to give it a try. Within 4 weeks there was a tremendous improvement and not long after that, all symptoms were gone! This was almost 3 years ago, she has just turned 14 and remains symptom free.

Independent Research On Power of Ionic/Colloidal Silver

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  • westcoastuniversity.worldcat.org – Silver has historically and extensively been used as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent. However, the Food and Drug Administration currently does not recognize colloidal silver as a safe and effective antimicrobial agent. The goal of this study was to further evaluate the antimicrobial efficacy of colloidal silver.
  • westcoastuniversity.worldcat.org – A study on the electric characteristics of cellular structures containing colloidal silver
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  • jmb.or.kr – Study that shows nano silver to have considerable antifungal activity