For many (especially single) folks, Valentine’s Day is a big bummer. It can even inspire unprecedented rage at the sight of anything red and a repulsion for that fat little angel called Cupid. By now, you’ve probably seen the ads, the overflowing bins of foil-covered hearts and huge Angelina-like chocolate lips, and the enormous greeting cards the size of small toddlers with teddy bears to match. Your email inbox has likely been hijacked by Valentine’s Day promotions seducing you with promises of discounts and savings, just in time to prove your love. Valentine’s Day has become one of the biggest money-spinners in the world.

HoneyColony Valentine’s Day Contest

Here at HoneyColony, we’re skipping the saccharine. Instead, we’re sharing smart stories on love and relationships all week. We don’t want your money on the promise of store-bought love, nor do we want you to stuff yourself with chocolates in the name of profit. And we certainly don’t want you to duke it out in a restaurant because you didn’t plan something “special” enough. But we would love your help.

HoneyColony is evolving. We’re wrapping up our beta testing and moving on to the next phase. But we need some heart-full helpers. Are you someone who is passionate about health and truth and who can help us get others buzzing about our site? If so, then start shooting some arrows!

Contest Rules And Eligibility

In exchange for helping us create a virtual hive where like-minded conscious individuals can gather and share, we are giving away a gift basket full of sweet and special treats, just in time for not Valentine’s Day. We’ll be running a contest for the next seven days. On February 14, we will randomly select and announce a winner. The basket includes a sneak peak of goodies soon to be sold on our site as we begin to fully incorporate our shopping cart and membership programs.

Prizes Include:

• Beautiful hand-crafted Tuscan Sphere Candle from Big Dipper

• Amazonian fair trade chocolate-flavored bar of soap from Wembe

• One-pound jar of YS organic raw honey

• Bottle of royal jelly capsules from BeeAlive (all jokes aside, they are royalty)

• Yummy raw superfood chocolates by Chocolatl and Gnosis Chocolate

These hand-selected gifts have a retail value of over $100. So shoot your arrow! Let’s bring the health and honesty back into mainstream consumerism. No purchase necessary. *Shipping is not included.

To Enter You Must:

Create a profile on HoneyColony and include a bio. Please put some effort and your heart into it!

• Upload a profile image

• When you’ve completed the requirements for eligibility, please leave your name in the comments below with the words, “I Am Eligible,” and your name will be entered to win!

History And Legends Of Valentines

In case you are interested, there are many legends that surround the origin of the day. Valentine’s Day is said to honor Saint Valentine, a priest during the third century in Rome when Emperor Claudius II forbade marriage on the basis that single men made braver soldiers than those in relationships. So Valentine took it upon himself to marry couples in secret. When Claudius II caught wind, he ordered Valentine killed, with the execution date of February 14. In his last moments, Valentine sent a letter to his beloved, which he signed, “from your Valentine.”

A tradition of hand-written love notes was born, which by the mid-19th century was overtaken by mass-produced cards. Today, about 25 million cards will be sent, 21 million roses will be given, and 8 million boxes of chocolates will be bought, according to The Retford Times.

Simply Transformative

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