We’re thankful that yoga has become so popular – regardless of what style you choose, the practice builds awareness and a focus on breath. There is something for every type of yoga lover on this yoga gift list, and something for every budget as well. From yoga mats made of recycled tires to ozonated organic coconut oil, these are our favorite eco-chic picks of the season.

1. Teeki Yoga Pants, $70 – $100

teeki yoga pants

Teeki yoga pants are made from recycled water bottles, and the company says that each pair of pants recycles 18-30 water bottles. Besides that good news, they are also funky and fun.

The pants are also moisture-wicking, breathable, comfortable, and supposedly camel toe free.

2. Made Out of Recycled Tires: Hybrid Bliss Yoga Mat, Kharma Khare, $70


Most yogis will have a few yoga mats they already love and use, but these new hybrid mats are super special. I love my Kharma Khare reincarnated mat, which is comfortable, eco-conscious, and made from recycled tires. Their new hybrid bliss mat is a combination of their original formula with the addition of another side of natural rubber latex.

Kharma Khare mats are non-toxic and have exceptional grip on the recycled side for even the sweatiest hot yoga practice (the grip gets better with moisture). But now the smooth latex side is a bonus for the times when you’re enjoying a meditative or alignment practice.

3. Ozonated Organic Coconut Oil with Lavender, $15.96

Coconut-Lavender oil

Yoga poses and the focus on breath are a natural detoxifier for the mind and body, but it’s always a good idea to continue the detox into other areas of your life. Traditional beauty and personal care products are full of hazardous and cancer-causing chemicals, and coconut oil is an excellent natural alternative to many drugstore products. You can use it as a lotion, moisturizer, conditioner, and in a hundred other ways.

I’ve been using coconut oil as a full-body moisturizer for years, and this Pur03 skin emollient is made of creamy, ozonated coconut oil with the heavenly scent of lavender.

4. Anything by Dino Apparel, $40 – $120

dino clothing yoga

I love yoga clothes, but I don’t buy or wear most of the popular brands because I don’t like logos on my clothing or bags. It’s a pet peeve of mine, but one I’ve held onto for many years. Running, like yoga, is still part of my weekly routine, but in my younger days I logged a lot more miles, marathons, and races. My favorite brand of shiny black running tights was by Nike, and I regularly colored in the white swoosh with a black Sharpie.

Dino caught my eye because the clothes are sophisticated, understated, and there’s no logo in sight. The brand’s designer, Suzanne Rijneveld, described it to me as a whole new category of clothing: Urban Comfort. Designed for the modern woman in ‘perpetual motion’, Dino Apparel‘s clothes are gorgeous, flattering, and can actually go from the studio to the street to the conference room.

5. Humic and Fulvic Acid Skin Spritz, HUmineral, $49.95


Beauty and Skincare companies have been using fulvic and humic acid in high-end anti-aging treatments for years, but word has also started to spread among natural heath and wellness circles about these mineral nutrients.

Completely plant-based, this hydration skin spritz spray delivers 79 humic and fulvic acid nutrients straight to the skin, our largest organ. I spray it everywhere from my hair to my feet, and it is intensely hydrating and gives me an instant feel-good boost. Some swear by it as a treatment for wrinkles, age spots, and as an overall skin revitalizer.

NO chemicals, NO pesticides, and NO harmful substances.

6. Ritual Wellness Juices or Cocktail Mixers


Before you raise an eyebrow or two because you think true yogis don’t drink, take a deep breath and channel your inner peace. You can absolutely make virgin cocktails by just mixing these with seltzer, and they are lip-smackingly good either way. As usual, they are cold-pressed and organic.

For the yogis that do drink (in moderation, of course), the combinations are an invigorating take on the modern cocktail.

  • The Calcutta Lemon Drop mix is made of ginger, turmeric, lemon, and raw agave.
  • The Sol Margarita mix has cucumber, lime, raw agave, and jalapeno.
  • The Pineapple Mint mix has pineapple, apple, young coconut water, and mint.

Call for the large party size, or just order the individual juices online on their shop page.

7. Mindfulness Clock by Now Clock, $49.45

mindfulness clock

It doesn’t exactly count the hours and seconds, but it’s a daily reminder to ‘Be Here Now’ and to make the most of every moment. Comes in a variety of styles and colors for different decor tastes.

8. Graceful Warrior Mala Necklace or Bracelet, $108

mala necklace

Done in bright ocean hues, this mala is made of amazonite, grey feldspar, and freshwater pear. Amazonite is thought to help one balance strength and courage with gracefulness and empathy. The grey feldspar stone to help open the mind to new possibilities and encourage creativity.

On a stretch cord, so you can wear as a necklace or wrap bracelet.

9. How to Meditate by Pema Chodron, $9


When I asked Patti Quintero, a YogaWorks instructor and teacher-training faculty member, for gift recommendations, she rattled off a list of recommended yoga gifts. Then she paused and said, “but besides all the gear, I always encourage people to move beyond the physical. Meditation is part of a well-rounded yoga practice, as it helps build awareness and helps to focus your mind. A meditation text is one of the best gifts for someone that wants to move beyond the physical poses of yoga.”

Chodron is a favorite of Quintero’s, as are scholars like Tara Brach and Georg Feuerstein.

10. Love Tuner Meditative Flute, $58


Quintero also recommends using an instrument to deepen and cultivate a meditation practice, and this meditative flute serves as both a sweet-sounding tool and a pretty necklace.

It’s easy to play with simple inhales and exhales, and it’s tuned to 528hz, believed to be a healing frequency.

11. Virgin Raw Bee Panacea

bee panacea

Honey has been part of Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, and Virgin Raw’s bee panacea combines honey with other healthy bee products like bee pollen, propolis, and royal jelly. The superfood formulation also includes maca, spirulina, goji berries, ginseng, probiotics, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and Himalayan salt crystals.

It’s so potent that you only need a small teaspoon of it per day.

Organic, Raw, All Natural, No Preservative, No GMO, Hight ORAC Index, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Wheat Free, Soy Free, Nut Free.

12. Takeya Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve, $16.99

takeya water bottle

A glass water bottle is a simple but meaningful gift. Conscious gift giving is all about intention, and Quintero pointed out that a glass bottle is a powerful reminder for the gift recipient. It reminds them to bring yoga out of the studio and into everyday life, and to make an effort not to contribute to more plastic waste on the planet.

This high-quality glass bottle by Takeya is a healthier way to drink with no toxic leaching from plastic.