By HoneyColony Staff

If you’re eating, stop. At least till you get through this.

The title of this article suggest we’re only going to talk about chicken, and we will eventually, just as soon as we get through the other horrifying truth the food industry has neglected to tell you.

Six lies in all, in fact, thanks to recent round-up in Cracked of “The 6 Creepiest Lies the Food Industry is Feeding You.”

How about some pepper made entirely of mud? How about something called meat glue? And, of course, how about chicken that has some remnant of pork juice squirted into it?

Yum. Check out the full article and prepare to lose your lunch here.

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  1. amyi

    How do we find chicken that hasn’t been treated?

  2. Lynn Elliott

    The story is enlightening. And though glad for the information it makes me wonder, who do I trust for a wholesome food supply? Please continue to educate. Thanks,
    Lynn Elliott
    Gig Harbor, WA
    PS What if the chicken etc is labeled “ORGANIC”?

  3. Oma Lea

    I first learned about plumping in the Seafood industry. You are legally allowed to soak the scallops in fresh water. 3 cups of scallops grow to 4. If unscrupulous people hand this they will soak them again to gain another cup. I finally figured out they were doing similar with poultry when my turkeys that I hadn’t salted cooked up to salty to even for my taste.

  4. kihei97

    are there any companies that don’t ‘plump’?

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