I can say that for a while we envisioned such a tool with an actual calendar. And I thank my marketing team for turning me on to a place where we can combine our projects, to do lists, comments, and strategies.  My editorial team and I were looking for a way to fuse our calendar with social media.


We had various places where we worked on stories and it oftentimes got messy. And our solutions were all half assed. We were so pleased to find CoSchedule. Not only were we able to plan ahead, we obliterated endless email threads and streamlined our planning in one schedule. We can now communicate and task one another. We can marry content with posts and house it all in one place.  Coschedule allows us to focus on creating top-notch content and growing our audience. It’s user friendly and even allows us to perfect and test headlines!


It’s also our secret weapon to kick ass marketing.  We are able to sync our favorite tools and platforms like Google Analytics, Google docs, and WordPress. And they communicate with one another so our team is not stuck looking for information or doing unnecessary manual tasks So this saves us time and energy!

HoneyColony has been using Coschedule for several years now. CoSchedule helped us curate content in an organized fashion for the editorial team while helping us sync our social media posts to increase traffic and help cement brand awareness. It’s a marketing calendar that is easy and efficient. I can assign our photo editor marketing team to find an image for a story or our managing editor to do another pass at a story. They get the assignment, the due date, and my notes.


I love being able to turn a google doc into a WordPress post with ease and keep everything under one roof.


“Coschedule synchronizes WordPress and Google Docs beautifully,” says Linda Aziz, HoneyColony Managing Editor. “It’s never been easier to go from a document to a published WordPress blog. It’s also an amazingly efficient way to assign tasks to your team and make sure everything flows smoothly with your publishing schedule.”


CoSchedule also helped us automate our social media postings across many platforms.  We’re big fans of ReQueue, which fills in the gaps, using our best time scheduling to promote our messages. CoSchedule also tracks our social performance across multiple profiles so we know what’s working and what isn’t. Recently we had to lay off some of our employees, after getting robbed and defrauded 200,000. With less of a team, we were able to count on CoSchedule to automate postings for us. CoSchedule allowed us to automatically Reuse our most popular social messages without the manual work. ReQueue fills in the gaps of our daily schedule (with intelligence), not manual guesses! It takes into account our entire social schedule, uses best time scheduling to promote our messages at the most optimal times. This has been huge until we find an active social media guru and ramp up again.

The CoSchedule team is also responsive and are cooperative and helpful.

CoSchedule rocks!


Maryam Henein, HoneyColony.com founder, director of Vanishing of the Bees