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HoneyColony is made up of a very small hive, working diligently to create awareness and empower you with solid information and quality products related to health.

Not only does making a contribution let us know you appreciate what we’re doing, it also makes it possible for this small hive to continue bringing you well-sourced information and quality products, concerning health for both people and planet.

At HoneyColony, we take pride in not being influenced by outside interests so we can continue to work autonomously. By not taking money from corporate giants,  we turn to our community with the hopes of working like bees for the common good.

Together as a collective we can make a change and bring honesty back to the mainstream, safe and sound where it belongs. Please donate! Every little contribution counts.

One single honeybee only produces one quarter of a teaspoon of honey, but together the hives creates that raw organic jar sitting in your pantry.

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