Mycozil ™

Mycozil™ is an all-natural formula developed specifically to support the natural cleansing of yeast and fungal organisms from your body.

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VeganZyme™ digestive enzymes supplement is an advanced, full-spectrum systemic enzymes formula that will help enhance the digestive process and increase the nutritional value of your food.

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Hematrex® is specially formulated to promote normal venous circulatory health by increasing vein durability, wall strength and elasticity.

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Silver Fuzion®

Global Healing Center's unique production process formulates the finest quality water and silver available to produce a highly effective and absorbable ultimate micro-particle form of silver.

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Global Healing Center Aloe Fuzion

18X Concentrate Aloe Vera Juice is a refreshing, pleasant tasting concentrate designed to be mixed with your favorite beverage. Cold processed and muco-polysacchride enhanced, R PUR Aloe whole leaf 18X Concentrate contains no aloin or aloe emodin.

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Global Healing Center: Detoxadine®

Rated best iodine! Detoxadine® is a high-quality daily nascent iodine supplement made from dietary transformative iodine in a bio-elemental nanocolloidal state. Detoxadine® is gentle on your stomach and will not sting or burn when used externally.

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