May 12, 2013

Dr. Group’s Green Living Cleanse Advanced Kit

Includes: 1 Guardian Air Plug In Air Purification System, 1 WaterSafe® – Home Drinking Water Test Kit, 1 Safe Space® Cell Phone radiation protector, 1 Safe Space® I Home or office radiation protector, 1 Safe Space® II Radiation Protection for Home, Office or Laptop Computers, 1 Wellness Carafe, 1 copy of The Secret to Health DVD, 1 hardcover copy of Dr. Group’s book The Green Body Cleanse.

March 18, 2013

Sigg Reusable Water Bottle

SIGG Wide Mouth 1.0L Reusable Bottles are an ultra-lightweight, durable, recyclable and safe alternative to disposable water bottles and polycarbonate plastic bottles. Ideal size for work & day trips. Includes dual mouthleak-proof loop cap with narrow and wide mouth openings. 48 mm wide mouth opening fits most purification systems.1.0L = 33.8