October 27, 2016

Large Love Lotion: Natural and Organic Personal Lubricant

HoneyColony now recommends Curious Intimate Massage & Pleasure Moisturizer Curious as the ideal personal lubricant (available in 2oz and 8oz). Get 10% off your first purchase and discover the best lubricant and massage lotion in the galaxy. Love Lotion is a natural personal lubricant, made with the highest grade of organic

February 2, 2013

Essential Living Foods: Maca Blend

Similar to ginseng and other adaptogenic foods, maca is traditionally known to support hormone balance, increase libido and energy. This amazing super-nutrient food comes from the hardy Maca plant, which thrives high in the rugged Andes Mountains. Maca has been a traditional health and vitality secret since the days of the ancient Inca and was even revered as a powerful aphrodisiac.

January 11, 2013

UniKey: Prostate Formula

UniKey: Prostate Formula is a synergistic and pH balanced formula featuring the highest-grade raw bovine prostate and thymus glandular from New Zealand to support a healthy prostate gland.