Body Ecology Stevia Liquid Concentrate Sweetener


The Healthy Sweetener


Body Ecology’s Stevia Liquid Concentrate Sweetener offers an authentically sweet taste to naturally satisfy sweet cravings without the harmful side effects.

From fatigue, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer, the addiction to sugar is ruining lives. Using alternative sweeteners to promote health and decrease risk of disease is nothing new. The Stevia plant has been used for hundreds of years as an all-natural sweetener in Paraguay.

Using their TruExtract™ extraction method, Body Ecology’s Stevia Liquid Concentrate Sweetener offers a naturally derived, highly-concentrated product. Many Stevia product are spray-dried or created from white Stevia powder into liquid. This leaves users with a bitter aftertatse that many Stevia products are commonly known for. Body Ecology’s process involves a true liquid extract, directly from the Stevia plant, with minimal filtration to preserve all the micronutrients. This makes it true to the source plant and keeps the all-natural sweetness intact.

Body Ecology’s Liquid Stevia extract contains naturally-occurring levels of Rebaudioside-A (a steviol glycoside isolated and purified from the Stevia plant leaves) and low levels of Rebaudioside-C (a secondary steviol glycoside). This balance provides a sweeter and smoother taste because of the high levels of Rebaudioside-A.

Unlike most Stevia products, Body Ecology’s is not clear. Stevia products that are clear signify they’ve been over-processed by dehydrating or spray-drying into a white powder, and then reformulated back into a liquid. This removes  the nutritional value of the Stevia leaves and alters the flavor of the end product.

Benefits of Stevia Leaves

  • Rich in potassium, zinc, magnesium and vitamin B3
  • Rich in fiber to promote proper digestion
  • Rich in antioxidants

Sugar as we consume it is detrimental to our health. With Body Ecology’s perfected extraction method, minimal filtration, and a natural sweet taste, this Stevia Liquid Concentrate Sweetener is the perfect alternative to sugar and all other poorly extracted Stevia products.

Conversion Chart
1 cup sugar= 1 teaspoon liquid or powder
1 tablespoon sugar= 1/4 teaspoon powder, 6-9 drops liquid
1 teaspoon sugar= pinch to 1/16 teaspoon powder, 2-4 drops liquid

Why We Love It:

  • Balances sugar levels and blood pressure
  • Regulates digestion
  • Assists in weight management
  • Natural sugar substitute for sugar, maple syrup, honey, and agave
  • Safe dietary supplement for people with diabetes, hypoglycemia, and candidiasis
  • 985 servings in every bottle
  • Bitter-free, refreshingly sweet, smooth-tasting
  • Minimal processing for highest purity
  • Custom-made, blunt-nose glass bottle with glass dropper so that plastic never touches the liquid
  • Zero calories, carbohydrates, fat, and Glycemic Index
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegetarian/vegan
  • Gluten, soy, dairy free

Additional information

Weight 8 oz


Stevia leaf, purified water, alcohol 6.9%, and vegetable glycerin


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