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In the quest to bio-hack the effects of sleep, several sleep/health tracking devices have made it to market of late, including bio-hacking health rings. And while some rings track sleep patterns and others track exercise impact, there is only one ring that tracks both, and then some. With all that it has to offer, there’s no surprise Oura Ring has piqued the interest of many popular biohackers and health experts, like NY Times best-selling author Dr. Sarah Ballantyne and Bulletproof CEO Dave Asprey.

About Oura Ring

Providing users with “scores” based on a wealth of advanced metrics, such as respiratory rate, resting heart rate, body temp and heart rate variability, Oura Ring taps into signals from your autonomic nervous system. Connected to a secure app, these scores provide guidance on achieving the proper ratio of sleep and physical activity, while drilling deep into the quality of your sleep by measuring REM, Deep Sleep and Light Sleep. As you know, sleep is CRUCIAL to health and so it’s pretty cool to be able to look at personalized metrics and see how your efforts have paid off. Or not.

Oura Ring App: Scores

Sleep Score

Your Sleep Score is an combined snapshot of the many factors that determine how well you really slept, rolled up to help you quickly digest your rest. By reviewing individual factors, you can improve your comprehensive sleep day by day.

The Sleep score uses multiple factors to determine your overall sleep quality. The higher the score, the better.

The Sleep Score consists of:

  • Total amount of sleep
  • Sleep efficiency (percentage of time you spend sleeping while in bed)
  • Sleep disturbances (the amount of time you spend awake)
  • Total amount of REM sleep, deep sleep, and light sleep
  • Sleep latency (how long it takes to fall asleep)
  • Sleep timing (consistency in your circadian rhythm)

Activity Score

The Activity score is calculated from all of your actions throughout the day, big and small. The score is used to determine how much activity is impacting your health, and whether more or less is needed in conjunction with sleep quality/patterns.

The Activity Score consists of:

  • Stay Active – Tracks inactivity activity levels (sitting & standing) for guidance in maintaining healthy metabolism.
  • Move Every Hour – Tracking activity levels based in hour intervals (long duration of inactivity has a negative impact on the overall activity score).
  • Meet Daily Targets – Tracks daily target goals for previous seven days
  • Training Frequency – High level activity metric tracking frequency of medium/high level activity in previous seven days.
  • Training Volume – High level activity metric tracking total amount of medium/high level activity in previous seven days.
  • Recovery Time – Correlates optimal rest with low medium and high level training and daily activity.

Additionally, The Oura app for iOS now supports importing workouts from Apple’s Health app, which provides even deeper metrics in calculating one’s activity score.

Readiness Score

Oura’s Readiness score is the quantified reflection of how your body is doing in the present moment.

The Readiness score consists of:

  • Previous night’s sleep score – A key metric point, this score provides recommendations on achieving maximum physical and mental performance .
  • Previous day’s activity – Used to establish guidelines for the current day’s activity
    Sleep Balance – Longer term view of sleep patterns comparing last two weeks of sleep history in relation to age-specific needs.
  • Activity balance – Similar to balance, this metric compares activity goals based on previous five days of activity.
  • Body temperature – Can help detect early signs of sickness that can be amended with more rest.
  • Resting heart rate – Very important metric for establishing overall sleep quality
  • Heart Rate Variability – The variation in heartbeat time intervals, used to identify stress and fatigue levels.

Why Choose Oura Ring

  • You’re interested in accurately tracking activity and sleep
  • You’re looking to use data to make informed decisions about your health
  • You want a device that can perform without using Bluetooth
  • You want something small and comfortable with a long battery life (about a week)

Customize the Oura Ring

In addition to its functionality, Oura Ring is stylish – Available in two styles, three colors and sized to fit with a free ring sizing kit. Shapes include Heritage or Balance – in Silver, Black, Grey or Rose

Sizing kits usually arrive in 5-10 days. Ring delivery in 9 weeks.

For more info on this unique, life-changing device, read our Oura Ring Review.

Additional information

Product Specs

Infrared optical pulse measurement. 3D accelerometer, gyroscope and body temperature sensor.

Made of titanium and diamond-like carbon coating (DLC). Nonallergenic, non-metallic, seamless inner molding.

Up to 1 week. Fast charge times, wireless charging.

Free app for iOS and Android with regular firmware and software updates
Connects and syncs to mobile device using Bluetooth Low-Energy Smart. Plus Ring Airplane mode.

Collects data autonomously: In-ring memory to store data up to 6 weeks. Cypress’ PSoC 6® BLE microcontroller (MCU)
Ultra light-weight: 4–6 grams (lighter than a conventional ring) Width: 7.9 mm, thickness 2.55 mm (size of a wedding band)

Available in 8 sizes, US6–US13

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  1. maryam henein (store manager)

    I love my oura ring. I am learning so much about sleep and my data. will share soon.

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  2. Kevin Rose (store manager)

    The Oura ring has better data than anyone else. It’s like the Apple Watch or Fitbit on Crack. It’ll tell you if you’re under- or over-trained.

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  3. Alex Fergus (store manager)

    The Oura ring is hands down the best wearable available on the market. Its sleep accuracy is far superior to any other device (and I’ve tested a lot!).

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The Oura ring is compatible with most mobile devices that run iOS 10.0 or later, or Android 6.0 or later.


Oura measures your resting heart rate during sleep and rest by detecting changes in your Blood Pulse Volume (PPG). The measurements are done from the arteries on the palm side of your finger using two infrared LEDs.


Oura tracks your heart rate variability (HRV) while you sleep, and during restful moments during the day. It calculates your HRV from the rMSSD, a well-known HRV parameter that provides a good view on your Autonomic Nervous System activity.


Oura registers your body temperature reading every minute while you sleep. The Oura app doesn’t show absolute temperature values in Fahrenheit or Celsius, instead it shows how your body temperature changes around your own personal baseline over days, weeks and months.

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