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PureLife’s Silicone Enema Kit offers a high grade silicone bag and tubing kit for your coffee enema needs, even when you are on the road or traveling.

Your body is constantly bombarded by toxins from our environment, food, water, and mainstream products. Most people are unaware that they carry chemical compounds in their bodies. The health effects of chronic exposure to low levels of chemicals are only beginning to be studied.

Without finding methods to cleanse, toxins linger in your body and begin to wreak havoc on all parts of your body including organs, muscles, and joints.

Although you may use traditional methods to detox, coffee enemas offer a unique approach to whole body cleansing. Their health benefits have become well known in modern days. The high levels of caffeine and palmitic acid help facilitate this cleansing. When coffee reaches the colon, caffeine and palmitic acid are absorbed into the bloodstream and sent directly to the liver — our most important detoxing organ — without being digested. Caffeine dilates the bile ducts to release toxins from the gallbladder. Palmitic acid then supports binding of toxins from the blood stream so they can be released into the small intestine and finally excreted from the body.

Why PureLife Silicone Enema Kit?

Detoxing is especially necessary in modern times when toxins are everywhere. Unlike most enema bags that are latex, break down over time, and cause allergic reactions, PureLife Silicone Enema Kit is a rich silicone material (hospital grade), see through for easy monitoring, long-lasting, and won’t cause chemical or allergic reactions.

If you are a beginner, you may be more comfortable starting with a medium roast to be used with your enema supplies. If you’re an advanced coffee enema user, try the PureLife Organic Ultra Light Gold Roast.

Why We Love It:

  • High grade (100 percent medical grade) silicone enema tubing
  • Wide mouth opening for easy cleaning
  • Won’t cause chemical or allergic reactions
  • Releases no odors
  • BPA & latex free
  • Hose can be boiled in water for 5 seconds to re-sterilize 
  • Smooth and easy insertion! 
  • S Hook included for easy hanging
  • Free 35 page instruction booklet

Watch the video below to learn how Coffee Enemas helped save the life of HoneyColony co-founder, Maryam Henein:

Additional information

Weight 30 oz

2 Qt


2 Qt Silicone Enema Bag with wide mouth opening, Stainless Steel S Hook for Hanging, Silicone Enema Hose and Clamp, Medical PVC Nozzle Tip


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