Unicorn Gold 2oz Squatty Potty Toilet Spray


Unicorn Gold 2oz Squatty Potty Toilet Spray


Keep It Courteous


Toilet Spray with Unicorn Gold® is a ‘before-you-squat’ poo spray™. The non-toxic formula of essential oils and real gold nanoparticles traps bathroom odors deep beneath the surface of the toilet water and leaves a fragrant aroma in their place. Also available in 4 oz.

Unicorn Gold Squatty Potty toilet spray is an essential oil bathroom spray that’s made only from the finest natural ingredients including 100% pure essential oils and naturally occurring enzymes. Other ingredients include artisan alcohol, purified water and sodium bicarbonate.

Simply use Unicorngold spray as a toilet bowl spray to keep the bowl and your bathroom, fresh!

Comes in:

  • Tropical Dropsicle– Coconut & Magnolia
  • Pinch of Vanilla– Vanilla & Tonka Bean
  • Mystic Forest– Bergamot & Bay Leaf
  • Citrus Squeeze– Orange & Lemon
  • Fruity Booty™– Cherry & Mixed Berry

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Weight5 oz


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