3rd Rock Rashblock: A Silver Panacea Ointment

3rd Rock RashBlock: The Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance Is Here

When we first stumbled upon 3rd Rock RashBlock, we didn’t know we were about to open up a Pandora’s box. We had no idea that this product could be used as a solution to so many ailments without lending to the epidemic known as antibiotic resistance.

Unfortunately, antibiotics today are being abused and misused. Antibiotics are handed out like candy and are found in our meat and in topical creams. In the United States, Neosporin triple antibiotic ointment is applied as a standard procedure on cuts and scrapes – even though there is confirmed evidence that it breeds resistance against the MRSA superbug.

Increasingly, both traditional and alternative doctors are proclaiming that the proliferation of antibiotics is one of this century’s greatest health threats, with backing from World Health Organization. Simply Transformative’s mission is to counteract this plight by identifying natural alternatives to over-the-counter antibacterial agents that contain antibiotics.

3rd Rock Rashblock contains silver oxide, an ancient healing secret that was somehow wiped off the medicinal map after antibiotics were discovered and patented by Big Pharma. Sure, many antimicrobial agents like chlorine destroy bacteria on contact; but these toxins also kill living cells and tissue, even in low doses. Silver oxide has similar antibacterial properties but works in a different way.

Our silver oxide is treated with a patented chelation process, which makes it unique. This is NOT a metal salt.  It is chelated with amino acids – the building blocks of proteins – and it makes our product powerfully bioactive and bioavailable unlike any other silver compound.  Other silver salts are usually silver nitrate based and do not have the bioactivity or bioavailability and therefore healing efficiency.

RashBlock has been tested in comparison with other silver salts and been shown to last > 2.5 hour on the skin – in comparison with 10 minutes for normal silver compounds. This is all time spent on reducing and eliminating bacteria, which makes RashBlock a much more powerful bug killer. Silver concentrations are lower in RashBlock, but the efficacy is higher, which eliminates any issues regarding Silver Metal Poising Toxicity.

3rd Rock Rashblock is essentially a food-grade replacement for Neosporin. But since it doesn’t contain antibiotics, it doesn’t compromise the immune system.

A one ounce, non-toxic, petroleum-free first-aid ointment, RashBlock soothes rashes and irritated skin; it was designed to treat minor cuts and scrapes. Based on an overwhelming response from our users, however, the application areas are limitless. This ointment has successfully treated jellyfish and scorpio stings, sore throats, urinary tract infections, cold sores, even a food poisoning. Similar to 3rd Rock Sunblock, RashBlock is for people of all ages and is even edible – not that we’re suggesting you eat it, but you don’t have to worry about ingesting it.

3rd Rock has never tested RashBlock on animals, nor does the company adulterate RashBlock with any non-organic ingredients.

Below we have selected a comprehensive list of information on the science, testimonials, inventor, history, patent, and related products of this natural antimicrobial alternative to antibiotics! Start with some of our investigative articles and then browse through the tabs to delve into select information about the amazing healing properties of silver-based antimicrobial agents.

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