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Water is a precious natural resource that unfortunately is now adulterated. Dangerous pollutants have entered our tap water. Luckily, Clear Water Revival (CWR) provides affordable and practical water filters that have been tested to effectively filter out fluoride, chloramine, lead, and a whole host of other toxins. Their unique ceramic with MetalgonTM filters utilize cutting-edge technology in order to provide the purest drinking water.

Considering water falls from the sky and fills two thirds of the Earth’s surface, it’s tragic that most people don’t have access to pure, healthy water. Toxins infiltrate our water streams with everything from fluoride to lead. If your household water is sourced from municipal water supplies, chances are it is loaded with chlorine and other toxic by-products: pesticides, heavy metals, and even pharmaceuticals. The problem of water contamination is so widespread, that not even well water can be considered safe.

When it comes to absorbing toxins, our skin is our most vulnerable organ. CWR’s shower and bath filters have been built to withstand high water pressure and hot temperatures. All their water filters are easy to install and provide simple replacement solutions.

Clean Water Revival offers the most advanced ceramic water filtration, giving you the safest, cleanest, and purest water. They also offer a greener outlook for the planet by reducing your carbon footprint - not to mention it saves you hundreds of dollars per year on bottled water. Their custom-designed water filtration solutions will reassure you and your family that you have free access to nourishing water.

Clearwater Revival offers excellent water filters for your drinking water as well as your shower and bathtub. After all, your skin, the largest organ in your body, absorbs toxins via contact faster than you’d absorb through drinking contaminated water.

The Ultra Ceramic Water Filters w/ Metalgon

Installation location options include:
1. Countertop
2. Under the counter

The Clean Water Revival (CWR) All-In-One Ultra Ceramic Water Filter With Metalgon

This ultra-ceramic filter uses micro-filtration to eliminate parasites, bacteria, and particulates as small as 0.3 microns. Within the ceramic itself is an activated carbon block which actively removes chlorine and its by-products, lead, copper, bad taste and odor. The metalgon chemical/heavy metal filter reduces chloramine, chemicals, fluoride, and numerous heavy metals.

Tap water should not be used for consumption. Government regulations allow small doses of harmful chemicals, but the more you drink, the more detrimental it is to your health. Tap water often contains hormones, antidepressants, chlorine, pesticides, fluoride, lead, arsenic, and uranium.

For those who think boiling is a good option -- it takes 20 minutes to remove bacteria, chloride, fluoride, and other toxins.

Meanwhile, bottled water is usually just an expensive hoax. No matter how pure a company claims their bottle water is, the water is often on par with tap water out of your kitchen faucet. In addition, the plastic can also invite cancer-causing agents into your body. Proper filtration at home is the only solution to avoid putting excessive toxins in your body.

Clear Water Revival’s Countertop All-In-One Ultra Ceramic Water Filter with Metalgon utilizes four stages of advanced filtration to remove harmful contaminants and provide you and your family with clean, great tasting water. The most advanced micro-active carbon is combined with ceramic pre-filtration, heavy metal and ion exchange media to virtually eliminate toxic chemicals to safe levels in your drinking water. The filtration efficiency of their new ultra ceramic filter is a significantly better at removing bacteria, parasites, and chlorine.

What Is Metalgon™? The new, unique “CWR MetalGon™ filter” is a proprietary material consisting of a calcium-carbon matrix, having positive and negative charges that attract metallic ions. Also, it has a very high adsorption surface area to reduce chloramines, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.

By allowing the water more contact time with carbon and ceramic, the water’s flow rate is slower but produces purer water. The additional metalgon helps filtrate Fluoride and heavy metals other filters miss such as Aluminum, Arsenic III + V, Cadmium, Chromium III, Iron, Manganese, Nickel, Mercury, and ChromiuM.

How The Filter Removes Fluoride, Heavy Metals, Pharmaceuticals, Chloramine, and More:The MetalGon™ media is placed inside a Ceramic filter. The outer ceramic shell removes parasites, bacteria, turbidity, and sediment.

The CWR MetalGon™ Filter does not contain activated alumina (a form of aluminum often used in filters - that contains all of aluminum’s health risks). It reduces naturally- occurring fluoride as well as fluorosilicic acid that is added to drinking water. At an average concentration of 0.8 parts per million, the MetalGon™ filter will remove greater than 85 percent of fluoride for approximately 300 gallons of water. One or more pre-filters are used to remove additional contaminants so that the MetalGon media can reduce fluoride and special contaminants to the highest percent.

Clear Water Revival Filtration Solutions

Shower & Bath Filters

One half of our daily chlorine exposure comes from showering. Chlorine is not only absorbed through the skin, but also re-vaporized in the shower, inhaled into the lungs and transferred directly into the blood system. In fact, the chlorine exposure from one's shower is equal to an entire day's amount of drinking the same water. Drinking filtered water is only part of the solution. For people concerned about their health and beauty, the CWR Shower & Bathtub filters are an affordable solution.

Shower Filter

Clean Water Revival (CWR)’s High Output Shower Filter is a simple but powerful solution for a toxic-free shower. Unfortunately, the more you shower; the greater your risks are for absorbing harmful chemicals into your skin.Governmental water standards for tap water consider its effects only based on momentary usage. And although you may only get small doses of harmful chemicals during your shower, which the government says is acceptable, those chemicals slowly add up over time and can lend to long-term detrimental effects. With antidepressants, hormones, chlorine, pesticides, fluoride, lead, arsenic, and naturally occurring radioactivity chemical elements such as uranium; unfiltered tap water should never touch your skin again!

One-half of our daily chlorine exposure comes from showering. Chlorine is not only absorbed through the skin but also re-vaporized in the shower, inhaled into the lungs, and transferred directly into the blood system. In fact, the chlorine exposure from one shower is equal to an entire day’s amount of drinking the same water. Drinking filtered water is only one part of the solution.

Turn your shower into a nutritive and invigorating experience with CWR’s High Output Shower Filter. Safely remove chlorine, lead, iron, dirt and odors, and sediment from your shower. As a result, enjoy smooth and beautiful skin. Another benefit of this water filter is that it is specifically designed to withstand hot water usage and high pressure, unlike carbon filters. Carbon filters are designed to filter cold water, and under much less pressure than a shower exerts. This filter works effectively to provide high pressure with hot water for up to 12 months before requiring an easy and affordable replacement. This means that the upkeep is easy and your new shower filtration will allow you to stay committed to your healthy lifestyle.

Bathtub Filter

Clean Water Revival Bathtub Filter was designed to take bath time to a whole new level. Bath’s are meant to be calming and therapeutic. If you enjoy baths frequently, it’s important to make sure you’re not soaking in a pool of harmful chemicals.

Although the water from our faucets meets government standards, those ‘standards’ are quite questionable and don’t take into account long-term exposure. Despite regulations, there are still plenty of contaminants in our agua.

With antidepressants, hormones, chlorine, pesticides, fluoride, lead, arsenic, and naturally occurring radioactivity such as uranium present, you owe it to yourself to enjoy the purest water available for your home without having to pay prices that are comparable to a spa treatment.

CWR’s Bathtub Filter is a revolutionary yet simple filter to upgrade your bath experience. The filter contains the a Chlorgon filtration system. Chlorgon converts free and combined chlorine into a harmless chloride chemical. In addition, it safely removes chlorine, hypochlorous acid, dirt and odors, and sediment from your bath water for smoother skin. Installation only takes minutes and it is ready to use immediately!

Clear Water Revival Filtration Solutions

Why We Love It

  • Sub-micron particulate reduction at 0.3 microns.
  • Enhanced parasite and bacteria removal.
  • Reduced turbidity and bad taste.
  • Revolutionary technology removes chlorine.
  • Filters are easy to clean and replace.
  • Quickly and easily restores the flow rate of your water filter without damaging or having to replace the entire filter.
  • Durable food grade, non-leachable polypropylene housing.
  • Highest flow rate of any pour through pitcher at .75 gallons per minute at 45 psi.
  • Meets NSF Standard 42. The commonly tested chemical reduction claims for products seeking certification to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 are as follows: chlorine (taste and odor), chloramines, iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, pH neutralization, and zinc reduction.
  • Bacteriostatic to inhibit re-growth of bacteria.
  • Revolutionary technology can remove THM (Trihalomethanes) and HAA(Haloacetic acids), and chlorine reduction.
  • Produces 600-1000 gallons of quality of water.

CWR's Total Home Filtration Systems: The Ultimate Solution!

Every water system comes with its own set of toxins to battle If you want to take it a step further, CWR offers a unique opportunity to have your home’s water source tested by their experts. They’ll take into account your health issues/concerns and tailor the filters for your whole house, based on the toxins you specifically need to eradicate

Recognition. It’s not always possible to detect pollutants in your household water, but sometimes there are tell-tale signs to look for. One clue is red or brown stains on sinks or fixtures. Is there white scale material on fixtures or cookware? And, a sure tip-off is the presence of objectionable odors or tastes in your drinking water. However, the most accurate way to determine what is in your source water is to obtain a water quality report from your local water treatment plant. If your water comes from a private or community well, CWR offers a selection of comprehensive tests performed by an accredited lab to identify all components that make up your water.

Analysis. Before proceeding with a formal test analysis, request a recent water report from your water district. CWR can often obtain one for you, and if not, they can supply you with an independent laboratory test kit. This comprehensive home water test will confirm the presence of bacteria, heavy metals, trihalomethanes, chemicals, pesticides, and much more. If you choose a CWR test, they will receive the results from the testing laboratory in several weeks.

Evaluation. In addition to assessing your water reports, you’ll be asked to complete a brief questionnaire. This will help determine the extent of their contamination. They can then formulate a realistic strategy for alleviating problems with your household water.

Recommendation. Experts will design a customized Total Home Filtration Plan that will address your specific water purification needs as well as your budget. A water quality specialist will discuss all available options; including system components, plumbing requirements, and ongoing maintenance.

Installation. Every component of the Total Home Filtration System is tested and certified. Naturally, detailed schematic plans and instructions are supplied to aid professional plumbers through every phase of the installation process.

Support. A service technician is available to answer questions you may have concerning installation or component operation. Periodically, they send maintenance reminders when the filters and tanks need adjustment or replacement media. Their 800 number offers quick and easy access to their many services.

Call CWR at at 1-800-444-3563 for a FREE consultation and mention “HoneyColony.”

CWR’s Water Quality Specialists are tireless professionals – ready to share their knowledge, happy to respond to questions and eager to make expert recommendations that will improve your water and air. CWR filtration products are designed for Healthier Indoor Living.

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What Customers Have to Say

"For Christmas I purchased a water filter for my son believing it was your filter. But it was made in China. Today, I have ordered the real deal, your filter. Now he will have one that works and makes healthful water. I am so grateful for you and your products and will continue to shop with you.

I really appreciate all of your help on the phone last week selecting a filter system. We received the water filter system yesterday and have started using it. We are very pleased with it! The water tastes great. I really appreciated your matter-of-fact approach in going over options, and how it was clear that your intention was to get people on good water rather than sell a product, which was very refreshing and gave me confidence in purchasing from you. Thank you again."

Lepeltier. M

"I have used your water filter for about 10 years and I love it!"

D. Scott, Mansfield, OH

"These are the best water filters I’ve seen of the dozen brands I have tried over the period of 40 years."

W. Mc Alllister, Orlando, FL

"Our family has been enjoying your ceramic filtered water since 1994. Pure water tastes great. Thank you for an affordable product."

J. Kawanura, Waimea, HI

"We have found all products to be of exceptional quality!"

B. Wolenec, Chippewa Falls, WI

"I’m a user of your products since 1986, your products always perform as promised."

"As a cancer survivor, clean filtered water is a must. Peace of mind is everything!"

Deprez, C. Blairsville, GA

"I can't tell you how happy [that] I am being able to drink pure, sparking, clean water now from my own well after buying bottled water for 24 years. The money I save not buying bottled water means more money I have to spend on other essentials like food. I don't have to wonder about the purity of my water because all impurities and contaminants have been filtered out. I am no longer ingesting phthalates from the plastic bottles I used to drink from, so this is a boost for my overall health, as phthalates are the number one pollutant in our bodies today.

I just wish I had seen the advertisement for the CWR Carbonized Ceramic Filter (that I now have installed under my kitchen sink) earlier--I would have done this years ago! Dr. Roy Speiser spent a lot of time over the phone patiently answering all of my questions concerning installing the water purification system and I was very impressed with how knowledgeable and caring he was. I would recommend dealing with CWR if you ever consider drinking your own water."

Brucella, L- Clinton, CT

"Exactly what we wanted. My husband even likes the taste of our water now and he's very picky!"

Bohne, S. - Madison, WI

"CWR has the "BEST" products ever!! Love all my filters."

Binder, D

"I noticed that after my shower, I feel clean, my skin feels so refreshed and vibrant."

B. Lord, Bakersfield, CA

"My itchy skin is better, my hair is softer, after just one shower."

Ranock, L
Oak Park, CA

"No more itching. My hair and skin feel nice and soft. No more itching after my shower."

P. Cullick
Audubon, PA

"I noticed that after my very first shower, I feel cleaner and my skin feels so refreshed and vibrant."

S.H.- N. Bethesda, MD